Jul 30, 2009

One day away and I still can't get the toilet to flush

Its Thursday....the last Thursday of my internship.....I don't even want to talk about it.

It's so crazy how the small things in my day are the things that I am going to miss the most. I have decided this is the best way to remember the little things that have made my summer AMAZING.

1. Walking in saying hey to Glenda
2. Watching as Glenda gives orders and makes the best faces
3. Rounding the corner to say hello to Leslie and get my list of things to do for the day!
4.Saying hey to Casey as she steadily prints papers all day. I have no clue how that thing is still going after one day!!
5.Getting to play with DOODLE if he is awake (that's the company dog)
6. Looking at MELANIE updates with Leslie
7. Seeing BEV when we all work events together. She always makes me laugh!!
8. Talking about "INDUSTRY" people hahahahaha SKETCHY
9. Getting so nervous everytime I touch the camera that I can't function
10. Learning about the business from Leslie while I drive her crazy with the 5 MILLION questions I ask
11. TWITTER....ugh
12.Getting Lost
13.Newspaper websites stink
14. Casey LOVES Jeff Bates
15. Leslie LOVES Darryl Worley
16. I LOVE Adam Gregory hahahahaha
17. Pictures......Leslie has now grown a love for scrapbooking hahahahahah!
18. Office Social Emails dinging every 2 seconds
19. Exploring Nashville with Leslie
20. Chuck Wicks is everywhere we go
21. Talking about ALABAMA Football...oh wait that will never stop
23. A certain PR firm that shall remain unnamed
25. The toilet...wait ALL toilets in the building will NOT Flush for me no matter what.

I will only list 20 but this list could continue so please feel free to add anything you would like!!

I am truly going to miss the everyday routine of Nashville Country Club and all the craziness that comes along with it. I will try to keep this blog happy because tomorrow will be a whole different story!

More to come!!!

Jul 27, 2009

Summer of Love ...Going Out With A Bang

Monday ...the last Monday of my summer internship. By far it has been a typical Monday and not because anything went wrong at the office. Work has been amazing. However, anything else that could have gone wrong went wrong.

My boss came in and handed me Shane and Shane "Psalms" album and said this always does it for me on a bad day. She was right it did the trick. One chord of "You Said" and I felt much better. Not only were their voices soothing but the words once again reassured me that GOD is always right there no matter how many things go wrong.

I also got a big cup of sweet tea and a heath bar cookie from McAlisters ...So enough about the bad day, I'm moving on from that as I eat and drink haha.

I am so sad to know that this is my very last week at The Nashville Country Club. I have loved every single minute of it even the minutes where I was running around Nashville sweating to death. If you are a close friend you know I hate to sweat, but even in those moments I was happy here. I love Nashville more than I ever dreamed I would. I knew I loved it before I got here and now it for sure has a piece of my heart. I will look back on this summer for the rest of my life that is for sure. As the days continue to go by and my week comes to a close I will for sure be keeping you updated.

Now I am about to leave work head to TJ MAXX for a little stress relief and look for some things to decorate with. Byrd would say that store is no form of stress relief however, I love it!!!

I'm sure I will write more tonight just because I have so much on my mind today.


Jul 25, 2009

HIM ...and not the HIM you are thinking

So I have had my mind of the Lord a lot today. That is a really great thing but at the same time it made me realize once again how I am a failure to HIM. Why on a daily basis do I not think of HIM like I have today. He deserves everyone second of my day but yet I don't give it to HIM. Even though I fail HIM over and over again he is still just as FAITHFUL to me. I think I sometimes fall into the trap of knowing he is going to be there when I finally decide to spend some time with HIM. That is not fair to the most AMAZING, LOVING, SELFLESS, CREATOR that has my heart.

Here in Nashville I have learned that life is fast paced never a minute to sit and think. Most of the time I'm not going to lie my day consist of going to work, get off work sometimes not till after midnight, grab supper, go to bed, and start all over the next day. Yes, life is fun and I love every minute of work I sometimes question is it really a job I have so much fun! However, with everything going on I sometimes leave out the very REASON any of this is happening to me. Once again HIS Faithfulness shines through because he continues to bless me with new experiences, friends, a great guy, and continues to let me live this wonderful life. I ask myself once again WHY?

Why when I leave HIM out does he not leave me out or take away some of the great things in my life. No, he is not that type of KING and how amazing is that. He still sees our heart and knows that we love HIM even though we are not continuously on our toes in our walk with HIM.

May we all take a moment to slow down and give HIM the most WONDERFUL MAN a little time in our day.


Jul 24, 2009

My Little BYRD


PS....Im so ready to be able to see this crazy one I just don't even know. Its kind of crazy for an entire summer not being able to talk to your best friend/roommate whenever you want to and about whatever you want to. Ahhhhhh I Just Love Her even if she does lay all over me.


When I say the word BESTFRIEND...it is yet another thing I feel I need to say I am blessed about. I can honestly say I have an amazing GROUP of best friends. That is not something most can say. Usually people have 1 best friend but I have many and I love that!


I Just Wanna Be The One That Makes You Happy

So my current obsession is this new song I heard the other day called "Happy." When I heard it I knew it was EVERY word of what I have in my heart for the guy in the blog I wrote a few days ago! After my relationship with Clay, I was so scared to fall for someone again. My best friend Lou has always told me "Lara Ellen you are the most amazing person and whoever gets you is the luckiest man in the world." Yes I take that statement as the BIGGEST compliment in the world and it all sounds so wonderful but after being hurt its kind of scary laying your heart out there on the line again. Well for years now I have kept my guard up, tried to keep people from coming in, and just knew/still know God has the right person out there. Little did I know there was a man that is completely wrong, perfect, different, amazing, struggling, unique, and a lover of the TIDE that would come along and win my heart again. I have been dealing with how I feel about him for months now .....I knew the minute I laid my eyes on him he was going to be the first guy that I let inside since having my heart broken. He is no where near perfect and I LOVE that about him. I have known for a long time now that God did not want me to be with the worlds view of a "PERFECT" Christian man. Don't get me wrong I KNOW he wants me to be with a Christian man I just think the Lord knows my compassion for people and he laid it on my heart years ago to be with someone who needs a person as strong willed and uplifting as myself. I know this sounds crazy to many and I may not be wording it correctly to make any sense but I am at peace and know exactly what the Lord has laid on my heart.


I went through a time in my life where I struggled in my walk with the Lord. I saw the pain, hurt, and emotions that people are going through when they begin to go off course. I knew right when I got my life back on track that it was my job to show people that all of us have a past and NO ONE has the right to judge another individual. With all that being said I don't mind a past a matter of fact I LOVE hearing of people's past. It shows me time and time again how awesome our CREATOR is and how he can take even the worst sinner and change their heart and make them new. That is exciting to me because at one time I was that sinner and he washed me white as snow!


Who knows if anything will ever happen with this guy. I hope it does! I know there is a reason for each and every person being brought into our lives. I know that the way I met him is the most strange situation and that it happened for a reason. I know that the minute he came into my life I was the very person he needed. I still know that I am the person he needs in his life right now as a friend or more. I am going to keep praying about it and I know that whatever the Lord decides to do with "US" is what I will do!

My heart is so "Happy" literally. I know that I know that I know that this is right where I need to be. I know no matter what anyone else thinks of him I am his friend and that is special to me. If that is all we remain I am ok with that. He has shown me that I am loved for being a good girl, that I am beautiful, and most important he has shown me that loving the Lord really does SHINE through the crowd.


I wanna be
next to you
and watch you while you sleep

holding you
lost inside
every breath you breathe

i dont wanna live a day without you
i just wanna be the one that makes you happy, happy
i dont wanna live a day without you
i just wanna be the one that makes you happy, happy

one minute more
a thousand years
it’s all the same to me

cause i’m incomplete
and i need you more
with every breath i breathe

i try to let you know
but my words get tangled up
and every time i find that i’m
outside looking in

can’t let this moment go
when you’re the only one
that makes me feel the way i feel inside

lately i’m falling for you
lately i’m falling for you

Falling Slowly,
Lara Ellen

Jul 22, 2009

Dreaming of Those Words

LOVE: such a crazy thing
BOYS: pick a crazy time to decide to embark on a crazy thing(that would be love)
GIRLS: always dreaming of the crazy thing
BOYS&GIRLS: take forever to figure out the crazy thing together

Well I think I might have possibly jinxed myself this summer. When I left for Nashville I looked at Amy and said, "this is the summer of love." It was all a joke because Amy and I are both still single while many of our friends are married or in serious relationships. Little did I know that in many ways the "Summer of Love" did happen for both of us just nothing too serious haha! It seems like guys are coming out of the wood works ...hey at least they are good guys! Who knew there were so many!!!

Today I got the phone call that I have been dreaming of since Jan 5, 2009. Many of you have no clue what the phone call is nor do you care I am sure. Sorry, I may tell a lot but I will not share what the phone call consisted of. I will say it had something to do with a very special man in my life but that's about all you get!! Needless to say it made me cry, made me happy, and made me feel like a million dollars. However, the phone call I have been waiting on came at such a bad time for me. It's funny how that always works out isn't it!!


Once again I am left with NUMEROUS things to think about and many questions are running through my mind. I know that God has a plan and that he knew this phone call would come. He also knew that Nashville was going to happen for me and all that it has to offer. I know that he is also going to give me the answers that I need for this situation. I am excited, anxious, nervous, a million feelings right now. More than anything I can't wait to see what happens. When I know trust me I will fill you all in!

I will say this much we may think as humans we have this whole thing called LIFE figured out...but God has a great sense of humor. He loves to throw us a good curve ball or what I would like to call he PUNKS us sometimes!!! God can punk me all he wants because I know ultimately he WILL have the final say and it will be for the best choice in my life!!

I love the whole blog thing. Its my own personal online journal but at the same time I get to give my friends a small glimpse into the thoughts that go through my head they I may not always voice. I know my friends are thinking what does she not voice? I can assure I actually do hold back sometimes believe it or not!

Lara Ellen

Jul 20, 2009

It's Just One of Those Days

Today has just been one of those days that I would like to erase. However, I can't and it's ok that I cant because a lot of things that I did not expect happened today. I had a really bad day, had my feelings hurt by someone close to me, had to take a test, and did not get to talk to Barrett too much during the day because his phone was dying but we are making up for that now!! Anyway for the good things that happened I realized once again how BLESSED I am to have a best friend that has been a best friend since 1st grade! She can always brighten my day by just saying HHHHEEEEEYYYYY just like that cause she is so country it takes 5 minutes to get it out. She is always a reminder of HOME and HOME makes me happy! I also talked to good ole Blake haha! As crazy and out there as he is, sometimes he knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Thank goodness tonight he was right on with everything he said. He really is a great friend and someone I know would do anything for me. Blake is a constant reminder of how awesome God is at bringing people into our lives no matter how different out backgrounds are. I am so thankful that I am an open minded person and love all people that come into my life.

Now on to Barrett! Yet another reason to add to the list of why I don't want to leave Tennessee. Obviously we are just friends and that is awesome to me. Nothing like having another person to listen, talk to, and hang out with. The more friends the better! However, we really hit it off and I hope things keep going as great as they are right now! If all else fails I am DETERMINED to have one more BAMA fan in this state with me...I don't really think he agrees! If anyone can convert him and teach him all the great things its me or Abby Smith!!

Needless to say my day is much better now...it's amazing how the SIMPLE things in life like a child's smile can turn a day around. I wish right now I had my Missy and Jay Cowan to love on. With one Lar Nellen my heart is won over and over again. The love I have for those 2 children is like nothing I have even felt. I can't even imagine when I have my own children.

Once again my bad day is NOTHING compared to what some go through everyday. In typing this whole letter I am once again in AWE of our wonderful creator and how he CHOSE me to LOVE. I am blessed beyond what I deserve bad day and all.

Please keep Melynda Cowan and her entire Church group in your prayers as they are about to go on a mission trip. She has loved me and shown me the love of Christ since 9th grade. She completely changed how I view life and how I feel about myself. Just imagine if she and the others can strike a match and light a fire in 1 child how the wildfire of POSITIVE THINKING and the LOVE OF CHRIST can spread rapidly.

Lara Ellen

Jul 18, 2009

Over Analyzer

Yep that's me I'm an Over Analyzer and you know what it really drives me crazy. I completely over think every single detail of my life. I tell myself over and over again to just give it to the Lord ...that's a lot harder than just saying it! If I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW he has complete control why do a over think anything? This is just one of those areas of my life that I am still working very hard to improve.

Yesterday I went shopping and when I say shopping I mean from 2 until 10 last night. Crazy thing I might have spent 30 dollars if that much. That's a good thing though!

Tonight I am going to see Winfields Locket who have become friends of mine. I'm so excited because they are so wonderful! It's going to be a great night I can't wait for the fun to begin. I will also be wearing one of the new shirts that I purchased yesterday. Pictures will be posted soon!

I'm super excited I got a liter of BIG SEXY Shampoo yesterday for half price. You gotta LOVE Ulta specials. As soon as I get off work I will be going home to use it.

Currently thinking about a lot of things,
Lara Ellen

Jul 16, 2009

What Am I Going To Do With All This Love

I have a new challenge that I want to try to conquer before leaving Nashville. I want to write a song with someone! While talking to my friend Leslie yesterday I asked her how does it just all come so naturally to you? She replied with "it all comes from an idea." Well I have tons of those so I am going to see if someone will write a song with me. I mean I'm not expecting Faith Hill to cut it tomorrow or anything but who could resist a song from LaLa!! Just kidding....

On a more serious note.....
Life is so funny to me. How we want one thing one day, then we have it and don't want it. Or how
we know we could have something and have no desire to have it. Or when we think we are going to lose something we suddenly think it is our favorite thing. Does this come from us being spoiled, selfish, or from us just being human? I really don't know what the answer to that question is so if someone does please share. However, once again I've learned yet another lesson in life. It's something I've known I am just currently applying it. We can't as some people say "have our cake and eat it too." I'm currently very happy with the things happening in my life so I should want the same things for the people in my life. Just because I don't want something but don't want someone else to have it either does not mean I should make them stand in the distance and watch my happiness. Lesson here is: be satisfied and happy with what we have and hope our friends and family are satisfied as well!

Currently one of my favorite songs is "All This Love" by the Lost Trailers. You need to listen to it if you have not...that is where my lovely Title comes from today!

Off to talk with friends
Lara Ellen

Jul 15, 2009

Cupcakes make me SMILE

This morning I went to Opry Mills Shopping Center to record an interview and some concert footage of a new up and coming country artist Katie Armiger. It was kind of cool we did the interview in the lounge of her tour bus, so it was a nice change of scenery. Katie is the first country artist to ever do a mall tour, it was different but I liked it! Last nights "Songs For A Cure" was a hit. The songwriters did amazing as they always do and a HUGE crowd came out to support the cause. I got the massage of a lifetime if only I had more than 8 dollars. It was a dollar a minute and all the money went to cancer research. 8 dollars are you kidding me ...that is what we get for technology aka DEBIT CARDS. Since our week has been so busy and we have had lots of late nights my boss let me off early. Im pretty excited about it, instead of typing from an office desk this blog is straight from the bed! As many of you know that USED to be my favorite place.

Once I got back into Spring Hill I went to an amazing place that makes me think of my second mother called GiGi's cupcakes. I love their cupcakes but today I went to meet a new friend who I first saw play at the Bluebird Cafe. I love to talk to anyone as all of you know and I found 2 sisters who did not seem to mind! Leslie Martin of the group Winfields Locket and I met up to start a new friendship. It was great of course. I was talking to my friend Abby last night and I told her about going to hang with Leslie. I told her in life I think Christians just stand out and that their is something different about us. By that I mean anyone can be nice but there is just something about Christians that you know its real. Well the minute I spoke to these girls I knew they were way more than just AMAZING singer/songwrites. I knew they were girls that I could see myself forming a great friendship with! Today was the start of that friendship and once again I am so thankful that I could be blessed with yet another friend! Leslie has one of the sweetest hearts and made my day numerous times by here sweet compliments. I can't wait to have a dinner date with bith the Martins next week sometime. Also Im planning on going to their show this Saturday in Gallitin at Decades on the Square. Come out and join us if you are in the area.

Ok I know I know.....I talk to much
Lara Ellen

Jul 14, 2009


Since coming to Nashville I have realized that a lot of the celebrities and songwriters really do care about the community around them. It seems like every night I am heading to a new benefit that someone is heading up. My mother just lot her brother to cancer 2 days ago so I can see just how horrible this disease really is on a person and the family around them. Last night I went to Darryl Worley's "Hitmakers and Harleys" event. It is an event he has started to raise money to open a Cancer Center in Savannah, TN. Darryl also host an event to help raise money for children with Cystic Fibrosis. It was a lot of fun got to go backstage and do an interview and he even offered to take a picture....how sweet of him. If either of these organizations sound like something you would like to help out with check into the Darryl Worley Foundation www.darrylworley.com. It just makes me happy to see someone using their worldly fame for such a great cause. Tonight I'm heading out to Songs For A Cure. Check out their website songsforacure.org It is sure to be an amazing night with Cory Batten who wrote "She Wouldn't Be Gone for Blake Shelton, Kent Blazy who wrote numerous songs for Garth Brooks, and many many more. I'm so excited to be able to take part in such amazing events!!! Keep in touch and I will be sure to let you know just how things go!

On a more personal note Nashville has been one of the best experiences of my life thus far. I am learning how I guess you could say to be a "Big Girl." I go to work everyday.....of course this does not seem like work I know, and I learn something new everyday that betters my life. I may be a small town girl....you can't get roots this strong anywhere but Butler, Alabama, but I've learned to be a big city girl who has not lost who she really is. That makes me so proud of myself! I have also come to realize that their are some guys in this world who really do care about a person for all the right reasons. Yet again another reason I am so proud that no matter what the world calls PERFECT I have stayed true to myself, not caved to what the world wants, and I am happy to say I am DIFFERENT and people respect me for that. I guess with all that being said I am so thankful for EVERYTHING in my life! God always shows up in his timing to show us things that we want to happen when we want it too. Time and time again he knows what he is doing and he is so faithful even when I fall short.

Lara Ellen

Jul 13, 2009

I Guess It's Time

So I finally decided that my life was interesting enough to Blog about....ok really I know that years from now I will want to remember what was going on in my life and this is the best way to go about that!

Let's just say that the Lord has blessed me far beyond what I will ever deserve. I know we use that saying a lot but it's so true in my life. I KNOW I have done nothing worthy enough to have this life and everything in it. This summer has by far been one of the best summers of my life. I got an amazing internship thanks to my wonderful boss Leslie Armstrong for the Nashville Country Club. No its not a Polo and Cardigan type place.....we are a "Country" as in country music website that covers all the local events, concerts, and benefits of artist and songwriters in Nashville. We also take photos and CD reviews of new and old artist. So far this summer I have had the pleasure of working CMA Fest, going to the CMT Awards show, Covering the Jason Aldean "Songs for the Cure" benefit, Worked the Little Big Town "Ride for the Cure", Got to cover Sara Evans and Chuck Wicks fan club parties, Went to the Porter Wagner fishing tournament, Worked the Country Weekly Fashion Show, Covered the Lonestar Bowling Benefit for St. Judes, Martina McBrides Auction, Went to the Celebrity Poker Tournamnet where I got to hear Tracy Byrd, Bo Bice, Andy Griggs, and Jeff Bates do a show, and I will stop now because Im sure you are already so JEALOUS (just kidding)!!!.Had interviews with Holly Williams(Hank Williams Jrs Daughter), The Stella's from Can You Duet, Halfway to Hazzard, Brady Seals (Little Texas), Krista Marie, Little Big Town, Telluride, Eric Durrance, Darryl Worley, Star De Azlan, and many more.

So not that all those events were not amazing enough we got a little over loaded. My boos would have to cover one event and I would have to cover another. The first night this happened my boss sent me off to cover ALAN JACKSON....yes you heard me ALAN JACKSON can you believe that!! Well after that event I don't know if I like Alan Jackson anymore not due to the fact that he was not AMAZING....it was just crazy. Fans are NUTS....THE END. Needless to say when I hear Alan Jackson's name I almost cringe.

The next event I covered by myself was the famous BLUEBIRD CAFE ahhhhhhh!!!
That was one of the best expericences of my life. Everytime I say that my dad says well LaLa you say that about everything but really EVERYTHING is AMAZING! I went to cover a guy by the name of Greg Friia. Once I got there I loved everyone especially this group called Winfields Locket!! They were beyond amazing that is all there is to it.

Ive met some really amazing people beside the ones we have intervied like Adam Gregory, Julianne Hough, Dustin Wilkes, and Jeremy McComb. People in the industry like Bev Moser who is by far one of the BEST people I have ever met and Jackie Pillers who works for Channel 5 has been so sweet to me...we have a blast together at THE WHEEL!!!

So I know this has taken a long time and I hope to never have another one this long but I am making no promises! Life is grand and I hope to one day have worked hard so that I can show another intern that DREAMS can come true!

In His Grace
Lara Ellen