Mar 13, 2012

Meet the Powell's ...and Locke's

If you have not been to my blog lately, take a look around! My super talented friend Landi spent a lot of time making it look like an actual blog! She is amazing and I am so THANKFUL that she took the time to do this for me.

Last week I was super sick so I did not feel like writing anything. Had I written something I would have put everyone into depression. I'm glad to be back and better!

In the past few days so much has happened that I am so excited to tell you about. Since November a special little someone has been a part of my life. The weekend I got sick which was March 2-3 I took Ryan to Butler to meet my family, The Cowans, and my best friend Lindsey. He handled my parents amazing especially since I was passed out sick and he had to take them on by himself! Mom and Dad had him doing all kind of things for them! I woke up at one point and he was working on a printer. I'm thinking after visit number one he is in good shape.

The Cowan's have been my second family for years now. It is very important to me to have them included in EVERY area of my life. Mrs. Cowan of course has a HUGE impact with what she thinks of everything. I have always looked to her for advice so when it comes to men that is no different. I finally talked with her last night and she of course said she approves! In typical Cowan form she says "Lara Ellen he is so sweet but now you have got to stop being so mean and bossy"!! We all know that I am a bossy one....I guess that's an area I need to work on.

I still have not talked to my Lou but I am sure she thinks he is wonderful too!

Not only did I take Ryan to meet my family but I drove this past Saturday to his hometown to meet his parents. I think I passed the test. I love Alabama, jewelry, shopping, and talking so i think his Mom appreciates all of those things!! I brought his Dad doughnuts (as I have learned over time Locke men like them some doughnuts). I think that got me some points with the Dad!!

We had a wonderful lunch on the lake then went site seeing. Check out our journey!

Precious Chapel on the lake. I fell in love....just wait until you see the colors used inside!

                                                          ROLL TIDE

                      I'm in love with this area...I want to go back and visit again.
                                    I would not mind having this view everyday.

Needless to say "Meet the Parents" weekends went great! I'm glad it's over. Now let's see how the rest of this relationship road goes!

Mar 6, 2012

Design on a Dime....LITERALLY

I have recently been in a state of "CHANGE". The more I think about it I am going to make that my 2012 motto...CHANGE! As you know I have been changing my body but I have also been in a change my room/DESIGN mood.

Pinterest is a huge inspiration for DIY crafty projects. I have seen so many things that I would love to do. It is a matter of saving up lots of dimes to do it as well as finding the time.

Lou Lou's Life Lessons is a blog that I constantly follow. Landi is always putting up organization tips and new decorating ideas. If only I could be as creative!! I'm really into the jewelry holder she created and placed in her bathroom.

Here is something else Landi posted from a store she visited. I'm in LOVE with this idea!

I have been hitting up a lot of stores for decorating inspiration. Some of the best stores with lots of people's trash but others treasures are flea markets! This past weekend my parents, Ryan, and myself all went to one in Meridian, MS. It had so many cute things that I wish I could have purchased. This friday is payday so I will once again hit up a few places to see if I can find any fashionable items with a decent price! I will post what I come up with!

On a side note if you find any great DIY ideas please let me know where to go see!! I love seeing everyone's ideas that they love.