Jul 13, 2009

I Guess It's Time

So I finally decided that my life was interesting enough to Blog about....ok really I know that years from now I will want to remember what was going on in my life and this is the best way to go about that!

Let's just say that the Lord has blessed me far beyond what I will ever deserve. I know we use that saying a lot but it's so true in my life. I KNOW I have done nothing worthy enough to have this life and everything in it. This summer has by far been one of the best summers of my life. I got an amazing internship thanks to my wonderful boss Leslie Armstrong for the Nashville Country Club. No its not a Polo and Cardigan type place.....we are a "Country" as in country music website that covers all the local events, concerts, and benefits of artist and songwriters in Nashville. We also take photos and CD reviews of new and old artist. So far this summer I have had the pleasure of working CMA Fest, going to the CMT Awards show, Covering the Jason Aldean "Songs for the Cure" benefit, Worked the Little Big Town "Ride for the Cure", Got to cover Sara Evans and Chuck Wicks fan club parties, Went to the Porter Wagner fishing tournament, Worked the Country Weekly Fashion Show, Covered the Lonestar Bowling Benefit for St. Judes, Martina McBrides Auction, Went to the Celebrity Poker Tournamnet where I got to hear Tracy Byrd, Bo Bice, Andy Griggs, and Jeff Bates do a show, and I will stop now because Im sure you are already so JEALOUS (just kidding)!!!.Had interviews with Holly Williams(Hank Williams Jrs Daughter), The Stella's from Can You Duet, Halfway to Hazzard, Brady Seals (Little Texas), Krista Marie, Little Big Town, Telluride, Eric Durrance, Darryl Worley, Star De Azlan, and many more.

So not that all those events were not amazing enough we got a little over loaded. My boos would have to cover one event and I would have to cover another. The first night this happened my boss sent me off to cover ALAN JACKSON....yes you heard me ALAN JACKSON can you believe that!! Well after that event I don't know if I like Alan Jackson anymore not due to the fact that he was not AMAZING....it was just crazy. Fans are NUTS....THE END. Needless to say when I hear Alan Jackson's name I almost cringe.

The next event I covered by myself was the famous BLUEBIRD CAFE ahhhhhhh!!!
That was one of the best expericences of my life. Everytime I say that my dad says well LaLa you say that about everything but really EVERYTHING is AMAZING! I went to cover a guy by the name of Greg Friia. Once I got there I loved everyone especially this group called Winfields Locket!! They were beyond amazing that is all there is to it.

Ive met some really amazing people beside the ones we have intervied like Adam Gregory, Julianne Hough, Dustin Wilkes, and Jeremy McComb. People in the industry like Bev Moser who is by far one of the BEST people I have ever met and Jackie Pillers who works for Channel 5 has been so sweet to me...we have a blast together at THE WHEEL!!!

So I know this has taken a long time and I hope to never have another one this long but I am making no promises! Life is grand and I hope to one day have worked hard so that I can show another intern that DREAMS can come true!

In His Grace
Lara Ellen


  1. YAY LEP! Welcome to blogland! You will love it! I'm SO glad you are having the time of your life! I bet you are doing an amazing job!! You are in your element for sure!! Love u!

  2. Now when you interview Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton you will really have something to blog about. And if that happens you better come out of that interview with a signed autograph for me.
    Blog!!! I have heard it all. Get a second PAYING job if you have time to blog. Or better yet, come home and see me. In the time it took you to type that lengthy first blog, you could have driven home and visited your second mom.
    Love you,

  3. WOW .. you used my name in the same paragraph as Adam Gregory, Julianne Hough, Dustin Wilkes, and Jeremy McComb ---- I am not THAT nice!!!!

    Girl you are the sweetest and best gal I can think of to be learning the ropes -- and remember the 1st question to always ask -- where is the food????? LOL

    Love you