Jul 16, 2009

What Am I Going To Do With All This Love

I have a new challenge that I want to try to conquer before leaving Nashville. I want to write a song with someone! While talking to my friend Leslie yesterday I asked her how does it just all come so naturally to you? She replied with "it all comes from an idea." Well I have tons of those so I am going to see if someone will write a song with me. I mean I'm not expecting Faith Hill to cut it tomorrow or anything but who could resist a song from LaLa!! Just kidding....

On a more serious note.....
Life is so funny to me. How we want one thing one day, then we have it and don't want it. Or how
we know we could have something and have no desire to have it. Or when we think we are going to lose something we suddenly think it is our favorite thing. Does this come from us being spoiled, selfish, or from us just being human? I really don't know what the answer to that question is so if someone does please share. However, once again I've learned yet another lesson in life. It's something I've known I am just currently applying it. We can't as some people say "have our cake and eat it too." I'm currently very happy with the things happening in my life so I should want the same things for the people in my life. Just because I don't want something but don't want someone else to have it either does not mean I should make them stand in the distance and watch my happiness. Lesson here is: be satisfied and happy with what we have and hope our friends and family are satisfied as well!

Currently one of my favorite songs is "All This Love" by the Lost Trailers. You need to listen to it if you have not...that is where my lovely Title comes from today!

Off to talk with friends
Lara Ellen

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