Jul 22, 2009

Dreaming of Those Words

LOVE: such a crazy thing
BOYS: pick a crazy time to decide to embark on a crazy thing(that would be love)
GIRLS: always dreaming of the crazy thing
BOYS&GIRLS: take forever to figure out the crazy thing together

Well I think I might have possibly jinxed myself this summer. When I left for Nashville I looked at Amy and said, "this is the summer of love." It was all a joke because Amy and I are both still single while many of our friends are married or in serious relationships. Little did I know that in many ways the "Summer of Love" did happen for both of us just nothing too serious haha! It seems like guys are coming out of the wood works ...hey at least they are good guys! Who knew there were so many!!!

Today I got the phone call that I have been dreaming of since Jan 5, 2009. Many of you have no clue what the phone call is nor do you care I am sure. Sorry, I may tell a lot but I will not share what the phone call consisted of. I will say it had something to do with a very special man in my life but that's about all you get!! Needless to say it made me cry, made me happy, and made me feel like a million dollars. However, the phone call I have been waiting on came at such a bad time for me. It's funny how that always works out isn't it!!


Once again I am left with NUMEROUS things to think about and many questions are running through my mind. I know that God has a plan and that he knew this phone call would come. He also knew that Nashville was going to happen for me and all that it has to offer. I know that he is also going to give me the answers that I need for this situation. I am excited, anxious, nervous, a million feelings right now. More than anything I can't wait to see what happens. When I know trust me I will fill you all in!

I will say this much we may think as humans we have this whole thing called LIFE figured out...but God has a great sense of humor. He loves to throw us a good curve ball or what I would like to call he PUNKS us sometimes!!! God can punk me all he wants because I know ultimately he WILL have the final say and it will be for the best choice in my life!!

I love the whole blog thing. Its my own personal online journal but at the same time I get to give my friends a small glimpse into the thoughts that go through my head they I may not always voice. I know my friends are thinking what does she not voice? I can assure I actually do hold back sometimes believe it or not!

Lara Ellen

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