Jul 20, 2009

It's Just One of Those Days

Today has just been one of those days that I would like to erase. However, I can't and it's ok that I cant because a lot of things that I did not expect happened today. I had a really bad day, had my feelings hurt by someone close to me, had to take a test, and did not get to talk to Barrett too much during the day because his phone was dying but we are making up for that now!! Anyway for the good things that happened I realized once again how BLESSED I am to have a best friend that has been a best friend since 1st grade! She can always brighten my day by just saying HHHHEEEEEYYYYY just like that cause she is so country it takes 5 minutes to get it out. She is always a reminder of HOME and HOME makes me happy! I also talked to good ole Blake haha! As crazy and out there as he is, sometimes he knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Thank goodness tonight he was right on with everything he said. He really is a great friend and someone I know would do anything for me. Blake is a constant reminder of how awesome God is at bringing people into our lives no matter how different out backgrounds are. I am so thankful that I am an open minded person and love all people that come into my life.

Now on to Barrett! Yet another reason to add to the list of why I don't want to leave Tennessee. Obviously we are just friends and that is awesome to me. Nothing like having another person to listen, talk to, and hang out with. The more friends the better! However, we really hit it off and I hope things keep going as great as they are right now! If all else fails I am DETERMINED to have one more BAMA fan in this state with me...I don't really think he agrees! If anyone can convert him and teach him all the great things its me or Abby Smith!!

Needless to say my day is much better now...it's amazing how the SIMPLE things in life like a child's smile can turn a day around. I wish right now I had my Missy and Jay Cowan to love on. With one Lar Nellen my heart is won over and over again. The love I have for those 2 children is like nothing I have even felt. I can't even imagine when I have my own children.

Once again my bad day is NOTHING compared to what some go through everyday. In typing this whole letter I am once again in AWE of our wonderful creator and how he CHOSE me to LOVE. I am blessed beyond what I deserve bad day and all.

Please keep Melynda Cowan and her entire Church group in your prayers as they are about to go on a mission trip. She has loved me and shown me the love of Christ since 9th grade. She completely changed how I view life and how I feel about myself. Just imagine if she and the others can strike a match and light a fire in 1 child how the wildfire of POSITIVE THINKING and the LOVE OF CHRIST can spread rapidly.

Lara Ellen


  1. send love and hugs from the cowans to you.
    be my prayer partner. i am excited about what God is going to do. i can't wait to come home and tell you all about it. i love you.