Jul 14, 2009


Since coming to Nashville I have realized that a lot of the celebrities and songwriters really do care about the community around them. It seems like every night I am heading to a new benefit that someone is heading up. My mother just lot her brother to cancer 2 days ago so I can see just how horrible this disease really is on a person and the family around them. Last night I went to Darryl Worley's "Hitmakers and Harleys" event. It is an event he has started to raise money to open a Cancer Center in Savannah, TN. Darryl also host an event to help raise money for children with Cystic Fibrosis. It was a lot of fun got to go backstage and do an interview and he even offered to take a picture....how sweet of him. If either of these organizations sound like something you would like to help out with check into the Darryl Worley Foundation www.darrylworley.com. It just makes me happy to see someone using their worldly fame for such a great cause. Tonight I'm heading out to Songs For A Cure. Check out their website songsforacure.org It is sure to be an amazing night with Cory Batten who wrote "She Wouldn't Be Gone for Blake Shelton, Kent Blazy who wrote numerous songs for Garth Brooks, and many many more. I'm so excited to be able to take part in such amazing events!!! Keep in touch and I will be sure to let you know just how things go!

On a more personal note Nashville has been one of the best experiences of my life thus far. I am learning how I guess you could say to be a "Big Girl." I go to work everyday.....of course this does not seem like work I know, and I learn something new everyday that betters my life. I may be a small town girl....you can't get roots this strong anywhere but Butler, Alabama, but I've learned to be a big city girl who has not lost who she really is. That makes me so proud of myself! I have also come to realize that their are some guys in this world who really do care about a person for all the right reasons. Yet again another reason I am so proud that no matter what the world calls PERFECT I have stayed true to myself, not caved to what the world wants, and I am happy to say I am DIFFERENT and people respect me for that. I guess with all that being said I am so thankful for EVERYTHING in my life! God always shows up in his timing to show us things that we want to happen when we want it too. Time and time again he knows what he is doing and he is so faithful even when I fall short.

Lara Ellen

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  1. Well, I have been proud of you for a long time. Just keep looking to Jesus for your direction. I know it sounds dated and corny, but in all things ask yourself, "what would jesus do?" and you will make the right decision.
    I love you