Jul 25, 2009

HIM ...and not the HIM you are thinking

So I have had my mind of the Lord a lot today. That is a really great thing but at the same time it made me realize once again how I am a failure to HIM. Why on a daily basis do I not think of HIM like I have today. He deserves everyone second of my day but yet I don't give it to HIM. Even though I fail HIM over and over again he is still just as FAITHFUL to me. I think I sometimes fall into the trap of knowing he is going to be there when I finally decide to spend some time with HIM. That is not fair to the most AMAZING, LOVING, SELFLESS, CREATOR that has my heart.

Here in Nashville I have learned that life is fast paced never a minute to sit and think. Most of the time I'm not going to lie my day consist of going to work, get off work sometimes not till after midnight, grab supper, go to bed, and start all over the next day. Yes, life is fun and I love every minute of work I sometimes question is it really a job I have so much fun! However, with everything going on I sometimes leave out the very REASON any of this is happening to me. Once again HIS Faithfulness shines through because he continues to bless me with new experiences, friends, a great guy, and continues to let me live this wonderful life. I ask myself once again WHY?

Why when I leave HIM out does he not leave me out or take away some of the great things in my life. No, he is not that type of KING and how amazing is that. He still sees our heart and knows that we love HIM even though we are not continuously on our toes in our walk with HIM.

May we all take a moment to slow down and give HIM the most WONDERFUL MAN a little time in our day.


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