Feb 28, 2013


I am currently in Oxford, MS home of Ole Miss! I am loving my time here and the simple southern lifestyle that they live. I am of course here for work and it has been great. I love being able to come in and call a new town my own for a week. I have walked the sidewalks of Ole Miss, marketed in the Union, and talked with Admissions offices all over campus. I felt like a student again. Thank Goodness I am not but it was a very fun and productive week.

I got sick on the Monday I arrived here. I knew I was feeling funny and on Tuesday I felt like an 18 wheeler had hit me. I went to CVS explained to the Pharmacist my symptoms and let her know I am not from here. She helped me get some meds. I don't know if we picked the wrong thing or if I was just to late. I felt horrible the last two days. I slep in sweats one night and shivered the entire night. Anyone that knows me knows I hate being hot so I was way sick. Today however I am feeling much better but my throat is still hurting a little bit. Let's just say my sniffles are driving me crazy and I hope they go away fast.

As soon as I get back to town, I will be heading to Alexander City. We are having our second shower at Ryan's Church. I am really excited about it but nervous because I really don't know anyone. Thank goodness Ryan's mom will be there to introduce me to everyone and my mom will be there as someone I know. I can't wait to share all the pictures from the event after Sunday.

Next week I am off to Fayetteville Arkansas! I have never been and I could not be more excited. Once again this is a work trip but I am looking forward to it. I love going and helping the teams at all the sites. Once again the bonding time and the idea sharing is what it's all about.

I may be gone a lot with my job but at the end of the day I would not love anything as much as I love what I do. To me loving what you do is far more important that a huge paycheck. Yes, money is nice but being happy is what means the most. Seeing results and the lightbulbs go off brings the biggest smile to my face.

Stay tuned early next week for shower pics and pics from this trip!!

Feb 24, 2013

Long TIme Gone

My oh my have I been gone for way to long. It is peak leasing season during this time of the year so being busy does not even describe my life right now. I have been to North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, and Tennessee all in three weeks time . Tomorrow I head off to Mississippi until Friday and then to Alabama for our second wedding shower on Sunday!

On my trip to North Carolina I have the pleasure of traveling with my boss Jessica. It was such a great experience to be able to talk with her, travel with her, and learn more of what she does. We were able to see three of our properties that are in North Carolina over three days.

A few weeks ago I mentioned going to Gainesville to see a property and look into the market. Well our company is now managing that property in Gainesville. I went back to help with the transition team. It was so fun to be with several of my co-workers throughout the week and learn more about them. We have properties from Florida to California so sometimes you get to work with people you hardly ever see. I love getting to know my co-workers and pick up on their tricks of the trade. It was a great take over and I learned a lot for the future.

One of our newest properties is in Baton Rouge. Now those of you that know me know I love The University of Alabama. The thought of Baton Rouge is a sin!! I will say after going there for a week my thoughts have changed for the better! I had a wonderful time helping market around campus as well as helping with their Reveal Party. This trip made me re-live being on site and hosting an event. I was exhausted after a full two days of events. I started thinking about how I made it in the past without killing over. It was a blast and we had an amazing turn out. When an event is a success it makes it all worth it.

Now on to Tennessee. Ryan as you know is a college football coach. Some of the things that come along with the territory is being asked to speak at different clinics and events. He has asked me to hear him before and it has never worked out. Well this weekend I made sure I came to hear him. Let me tell you I have no clue what one thing he said meant but I sat through it with about 100 other men. I get Fiance of the year! We also got the wedding sports coats picked out FINALLY....a HUGE check mark off my to do list!

Another huge thing that we are wanting to ave nailed down before we get married is finding our Church. For both of us it is very important that our relationship is built around Christ. Ryan has been trying different Church's and found one that he thought would be good for us. This morning we were able to both go together. The main Pastor was not there but it was still great. I can't wait to go back and hear the main preacher. I am hoping we are that much closer to having the BEST decision made for our marriage. I want to be able to jump right in and form relationships and be able to serve again.

Life has been a whirlwind here lately but I don't expect it to slow down anytime soon!! It's busy time at work and wedding time is right around the corner!

Oh and on a really happy note I am down 14 pounds in my weight loss. I have a lot more to go by the wedding but so far I am thrilled!! It is so encouraging and makes me want to keep going. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress.

Feb 9, 2013

Day of Love

I consider everyday that I get to spend with Ryan a special one. I know that sounds cheesy but we unlike a lot of couples do not get to see each other but about once every 2 weeks if that much. He treats me like a queen at all times. I ask him all the time why does he love me so much? I know I am a handful at times!!! I am thankful that he does because I have never been treated as wonderfully by anyone in my life. He is the most thoughtful man I have ever met.

Ignore these eyes we have going....it is a work in progress for me. I am really trying to help him keep his eyes open in pictures. It's a bigger task than you think.

Last weekend we had our first wedding shower as you all know. Well we also did Valentine's because we will not see each other again until the end of the month, possibly not until March 3. Trust me it's not my favorite but we are making it work while we have to.

I have been working out and eating healthier since the new year began. I told Ryan that instead of flowers, chocolate, or really bad food I really wanted a FIT BIT. He looked it up called me and said wait you want THAT little thing?? I laughed and said yes. My co-workers Heather and Brittany both have one and I love seeing how they use it. Let me explain a FIT BIT is an all in one pedometer, calorie counter, activity log, food log, mile counter, and fitness aid. You can link it with your iphone and with your computer. I also use an app called myfitnesspal and it uploads the calories you burn automatically for you.

Needless to say of course my Prince in Shining Armor came through with a FIT BIT!!! Yay I am so excited and have been using it like crazy, The average person is supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day. Do you know how hard that is? I never dreamed it would be so difficult but if you sit at a desk all day like me it really is much harder than expected. I love it because it encourages me to make sure I am walking as much as possible. The last thing that I want to say about it is you can compete with your friends on who gets the most steps in a day/week/etc. It really is fun to have accountability with your friends and co-workers.

 I could not believe he actually had a bag and tissue paper. The very first gift swap we ever had he just sat on it to hide what he was going to hand me. No paper, no bag, no nothing!
Here she is my pride and joy of the moment!

I also asked that while in Tuscaloosa for our shower that we go to Hokkaido one of my favorite Japanese Steakhouses. I used to not eat that type of food and then I went there and was sold. Ryan has never eaten that kind of food so he really was not excited but said he would take me. We ended up having our Valentone's Dinner with several of our friends!!! It could not have been any more perfect. I love that Ryan is so easy going, loves hanging out with my friends, and could care less that our Valentine's Dinner was spent with them. He is so happy to spend time with me in any way, shape, or form.

After dinner we went and hung out at a local place called Moe's. They had a live band which our friends Rob and Shelby love.

 Why yes, that is Shelby taking Ryan for a little spin on the dance floor...LOVE IT
Here the three of us are. There were more people I just did not have my camera out very much which is shocking.

Finally I want to show just one of the examples of how thoughtful Ryan is. He ALWAYS gets me a card for everything. I NEVER buy cards which you would think it would be the other way around. Anyway, I have personally had to go shopping with him to get his mom a card and it is an act of congress. He takes so much time out to find the perfect one. I know it is no different for me. Please read this card that pure made me tear up. Such a sweetie.

My day of LOVE is not just February 14th it is everyday that I get to spend/talk with Ryan.

Just FYI ...I did give him 3 seasons of DALLAS and lots of his favorite candy. Yes, he is my Paw Paw. He was happy as he could be.

HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY to all of you Lovely Readers out there. I will be gone to Gainesville, Florida for work all this week so I want to make sure I get the chance to tell you all!

Feb 5, 2013

Wedding Showers Bring May Flowers

My amazing bridesmaids hosted our first wedding shower this past Saturday! I was so excited but nervous at the same time. I was so scared no one was going to show up....not really sure why but for some reason it was a concern. Good news....people did show up!!

I am having a southern barn wedding. The girls took this idea and incorporated it into a shower. They used burlap, logs, and southern style foods! It was ADORABLE!!! When you walked in they had a sign in table set up with two baskets that I had registered for to hold the gift cards and favors (most amazing cookies ever).I thought that was a cute touch that also went along with the southern theme.

We invited both guys and girls so that it would be a fun event for all of our friends! We really enjoyed getting to see our friends and catch up. It was nice to be home for a weekend.

Well glad to know Ryan made it in a couple of pictures! You can tell who loves the pictures in our relationship. We did not get pictures with some people because I was talking and forgot. I am so glad someone brought it to my attention that I was not getting pictures. You know what ...of all things Ryan and I did not even get a picture together.

We are so blessed to have great friends and family. We were loaded up with gift cards and presents and we could not be more thankful. BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED is all I can say. Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for us.

I thought long and hard as to what gift we should give the hostesses for this shower. I have always been told you give a gift based on the theme of the shower. Well I did not want us to give them just a gift card so I came up with an overflowing cup. Psalm 23 talks about a cup overflowing with blessings and that is what I feel our life is like. So we stuffed cute coffee mugs full of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soup. We also included a gift card inside the cup. I think it turned out really cute and it really was from the heart.

As I mentioned earlier Landi came into town from Texas for the weekend. I was so excited to see her. It was so nice to be able to catch up and just see her precious smiling face. On Sunday before she flew out we met and had breakfast. Before we left she told us she had something for us. I can't wait to share with you the most thoughtful items that Landi gave us.

First a hanger made for my wedding dress so that I can have pretty pictures of it hanging.

Then she had forks engraved with our wedding date with "I Do" and "Me Too" for us to eat our cake with!!! I LOVE THEM so MUCH.

I love sentimental gifts and will cherish these forever.

I will remember this time in my life forever.

Feb 3, 2013

Florida State Visit

As many of you faithful readers know I just got back from Tallahassee for work. It was a good trip but somewhat stressful. I love being able to see all of these amazing places where our company is expanding. However, I am traveling to work not just enjoy a vacation. While there I go and "shop" the comps (check out our competition), then I make trips to the University to see good places to market, also I get a feel for the market and what works/doesn't work here, last I give tips and suggestions for what I believe will help bring in the leases.

The past few days have brought back so many memories of being at the Retreat as a Leasing Manager. We have been so busy I have been able to help answer phones and give tours while I have been here. That is the job that got me to where I am today. I remember the crazy days of running around signing leases, 15 phones ringing at the same time, giving tour after tour to seal the deal, bar nights, trivia nights, etc. It's crazy to think that I was doing that just a few short months ago.

The tress at Florida and Florida State are to die for. I love mossy trees!! So Southern

Another thing I have reminisced about are the fun times that you have with a staff mixed of college students and adults. It is great to see students get their first job and be successful at it. It is so exciting to see someone get a lease that they worked so hard for. Most of all it is a great feeling knowing you have a staff looking up to you even though they pretend they are hardball's and they know it all.

 I would be so skinny if I went to school here. It is a long walk no matter where you want to go on campus. However, they do make the Legacy Walk pretty nice so that the walk is not that bad!
Beautiful monuments in the middle of campus. I was working at this time so I just had to snap the picture and go. So I don't really have all the details about this.
The Florida State Student Union. Not really nice on the outside but it had a bowling ally inside, lots of really nice food chains, and a neat area to sit outside and enjoy your lunch!

I loved getting a taste of Leasing again at a new start! It was such a great trip! Florida State University is a beautiful campus. I had a blast out Marketing to the college students. I for once was ready for a trip to be cut short....only because I knew what the weekend had in store!

I left after purchasing this........Let's just say my opinion has changed of Florida State!

Next up will be all of the fun that I had at our FIRST WEDDING SHOWER this weekend!!!!!