Dec 21, 2012

Wedding Planning 101...

(Jesus, Jesus, Fiance, Jesus, Friends, attempt Family, and Jesus)

Planning a May wedding for the past two months, I have learned a lot. I love helping others with the details of their BIG DAY but trying to plan mine has been super stressful. Entirely many people want it their way, not your way. I am a believer that there should always be give and take but when it comes to YOUR BIG DAY it should be YOUR way! I have cried far more than I have smiled but I know at the end of this stressful journey I will spend the rest of my life with the man God created just for me!

Vendors: I knew before I even got the ring who I wanted to do what. BIG MISTAKE. Now days weddings are planned so far in advance that you might as well plan a 3 year engagement if you have people in mind for who you want to be your vendors. The day after I got the ring I started calling the photographer, caterer, florist, bands, rental companies, etc.

Call one went something like this. September 28, 2012
Hey _______ I love your photography. I have been dreaming that you would one day do my wedding. The time is now do you have May 25, 2013 available. Well actually I dont have anything until December 2013. Would you like to reschedule your wedding date? If so I can go ahead and pencil you in. Ummmm the date we picked is simply because that is the only date we have so I guess this will not work out. Hang Up Burst into Tears.

Let me just say that this continued on for everyone except the caterer and florist. I called poor Ryan everytime in tears and he would say oh no what happened this time. Eventually I called my friend Kalyn and asked her how in the world did you handle all of this? She is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. In her soft voice she assured me that everything would work out. Just to try to remain calm. I listened to her every word. From the sounds of it all brides go through some form of stress during this process. It may be the same type it may be different but I have yet to talk to anyone where their world was that of a fairytale. I felt better after talking with her. I then called Ryan and we talked and Ryan being the sweet man that he is said look " At the end of the day I just want to spend forever with you. If that means we elope, or if that means we go through all of this to get to that day it does not matter to me. There is a reason things are not working out and I believe it is because something better is right around the corner." Oh ye of little Faith, I should have known the Big Man upstairs had my back and yes everything was under control.

A few days later up pops a photo album of one of my wonderful friends Kimberly Franks who has recently started photography. I instantly sent her a message and got the answer I was looking for. She is open, she will be happy to do it, and most of all I know she will be a pleasure working with. Even better I am saving $4,000.00 dollars...yes you ready that right.

I am learning to Let go and Let God. It's hard but it is much better that way! And now....EVERYTHING is booked and UNDER BUDGET!

Dress Shopping: I went shopping with my friend Shelby for the very first time. I thought the best way to handle the situation would be find the styles I like first then get my parents in on the action. This way I would not have to go through five million options with them I could just have the top 5 or so. The very first dress I put on I LOVED however I felt like my Dad would not like it. So I convienced myself to fall in love with something else. I found nothing else to fall in love with on this visit. I then went to Birmingham by myself and I would one that I thought was perfect and that my Dad would like. It was then time to bring my Mom and MeMe to Birmingham to show them the top dresses. I saved the one I loved for last without ever saying which one I liked. I wanted to see what was their pick before I said a word. My Mom showed up with a picture of two dresses my Dad had sketched. On the paper it said "these are the styles I think will look best on you. What ever the cost do not buy and ugly dress. -Dad" I tried on the first one that I fell in love with because funny it looked exactly like something my dad had drawn (go figure). We continued one after the next until what I thougth was the big reveal. So here I come out of the dressing room in THE DRESS and the look on my MeMe's face said it all. THEY HATED IT. I literally burst into tears right there in front of God and everybody. I went right back into the room and came out in my clothes ready to go. I did not want to buy anything. We went to lunch and I finally had, had enough of dealing with dresses. To be honest I am not that big of a girly girl. Yes I like girly things but to me PICTURES will be the most important part of my day. You will not remember my dress five days after the wedding but you will never forget the SMILE I know I will have on my face all day and in every picture. So we went back and bought the first dress I ever tried on. I of course can't show you the dress, that would break all of Emily Post rules! You will see on May 25, 2013!

The Guest List: Who knew that a wedding could jump from 150-175 to 450 people?? I instructed Ryan to get me his guest list, his parents guest list, I made mine, and then told my parents to do the same. The goal was originally 150-175 people. We are way past that. I am not going to say that I am not stressing it. However, I am learning to roll with the punches and if we are Blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives then so be it.

As time goes on I know more and more will come about that I can fill you in on. I am actually starting to find humor in all of the craziness. However, some exciting things have been happening to us here lately that I can't wait to fill you in on. The first exciting this is ............

We have a WEDDING DIRECTOR!!!! You know that sweet lady I was talking about eariler Kalyn Randolph?? Well she is the type of support system I am talking about you need to have. I have asked her to be a part of my special because she is a precious friend,  wonderful person inside and out, and knows what she is doing when it comes to planning a wedding. She is a woman who Loves the Lord, her husband, cooking and I know she and he husband Tony even thougth younger than us will be a huge guide for us!! I know Ryan is going to look forward to the whole she knows how to cook I can get lessons!

She also has an amazing blog that you can check out
So excited for her to be my sidekick. I can rest easy knowing that everything will be perfect!

I was long winded today but I hope that some of you going through some of the same things can get some relief knowing its not just you!!

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!


  1. Thanks for linking up to the WW party! YAY I bet Kalyn will be a great wedding director for you and relieve some of that stress! ps don't forget to follow your host and co-hosts!

    XO Samantha

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