Jul 30, 2009

One day away and I still can't get the toilet to flush

Its Thursday....the last Thursday of my internship.....I don't even want to talk about it.

It's so crazy how the small things in my day are the things that I am going to miss the most. I have decided this is the best way to remember the little things that have made my summer AMAZING.

1. Walking in saying hey to Glenda
2. Watching as Glenda gives orders and makes the best faces
3. Rounding the corner to say hello to Leslie and get my list of things to do for the day!
4.Saying hey to Casey as she steadily prints papers all day. I have no clue how that thing is still going after one day!!
5.Getting to play with DOODLE if he is awake (that's the company dog)
6. Looking at MELANIE updates with Leslie
7. Seeing BEV when we all work events together. She always makes me laugh!!
8. Talking about "INDUSTRY" people hahahahaha SKETCHY
9. Getting so nervous everytime I touch the camera that I can't function
10. Learning about the business from Leslie while I drive her crazy with the 5 MILLION questions I ask
11. TWITTER....ugh
12.Getting Lost
13.Newspaper websites stink
14. Casey LOVES Jeff Bates
15. Leslie LOVES Darryl Worley
16. I LOVE Adam Gregory hahahahaha
17. Pictures......Leslie has now grown a love for scrapbooking hahahahahah!
18. Office Social Emails dinging every 2 seconds
19. Exploring Nashville with Leslie
20. Chuck Wicks is everywhere we go
21. Talking about ALABAMA Football...oh wait that will never stop
23. A certain PR firm that shall remain unnamed
25. The toilet...wait ALL toilets in the building will NOT Flush for me no matter what.

I will only list 20 but this list could continue so please feel free to add anything you would like!!

I am truly going to miss the everyday routine of Nashville Country Club and all the craziness that comes along with it. I will try to keep this blog happy because tomorrow will be a whole different story!

More to come!!!

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  1. Okay, I want to know the story of the stalker... and I sort of hate to break it to you but all the printing was probably me, please dont tell the rain forest people. :-X
    We will miss your smiling face around here so dont stay away too long Miss Sunshine :-)Take care. G