Dec 3, 2012

About this Blog thing.....

I know the whole point of a blog is to keep it going everyday. Well let me be honest, my life has been so crazy that I literally have not had time. I know I know, I say that all the time but this time it's for real. Let me explain....

The last post I made was talking about how I was dreaming of getting married to man who was created just for me and most importantly can put up with me. GUESS WHAT????

I'M NOW ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!! On September 27th Ryan Locke drove down to Tuscaloosa and with the help of some of my friends/co-workers he popped the question. He not only asked me to marry him he did it in front of Bryant Denny Stadium at the feet of Bear Bryant's statue. For most women I am sure you are thinking what in the world would a man propose there for?  Well he had listened to my every word one day while I was showing him my classrooms as we walked across The University of Alabama's beautiful campus. As many of you know I am a proud BAMA grad and love anything ALABAMA. I always thought that my dream proposal would be anywhere on campus. Ryan Locke made it happen!!!! I will update you all on the proposal later. Right now I want to catch you up on my life.

                                    First Tailgate as an ENGAGED woman!!

                         He did AMAZING!!! Pictures do not do it justice...ROLL TIDE !

On October 1, 2012 I got a call that I was being offered my dream job. You see on September 27th I had gone to Atlanta to interview for the job of Regional Marketing Specialist of the East Coast for Peak Campus. After the interviews I was in LOVE and really wanted the job. I called Ryan and expressed how excited I was and that I felt really good about the interviews. He said we would pray about it and what was meant to be would happen. Little did I know that in a few short hours I would become and engaged woman. So within 4 days I was engaged and had a new job. Did I mention that with this new job I had to move to Atlanta within 2 weeks???
My amazing friend Paige went to my house for a week and packed while I was at work and after I got off work to help me prepare for this move. Thank goodness for her or it would have not gone nearly as smooth. I have no idea how she got me organized but somehow she did!

        Peak Marketing Department in the Real World Suite at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas

It gets even crazier.... One week one of my new job I flew to Vegas for the week(for work of course). The very next week I went to Los Angeles to help with a transition for the West Coast. I had a couple of days of working at the office, a weekend of engagement pics, and then jumped on a plane for a week in Richmond, VA. I had my first full week of work the week before Thanksgiving. On Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day I went to Enterprise and picked up my rent-a-car. I was home in Butler through Friday and then it was back to Tuscaloosa for the Iron Bowl (Ryan's first ever game in Bryant Denny)!!!

                                                        ROLL TIDE!!

On Monday I left and headed to Oxford, MS then went to Huntsville, AL. I am now back in Atlanta for the week ...for now anyway!!!

                    Ole Miss-Oxford, MS such a beautiful town with wonderful food!

   Huntsville, AL close to home and allows me to stay with friends who are like family!! Some of my favorites POBOY Factory, Rosies, and my property Huntsville Place !!

Can you see now how this blog thing kind of fell to the wayside??? I am back now ...I hope!! I love being able to write about life even if it is boring to others. I love knowing I can look back at this one day and see my life and all the memories I am making.

My new job is everything I hoped it would be. I am learning a different side of Property Management from the Corporate World. Peak is such a positive company that only continues to become better and better each day. I am so proud to work for Peak. I can't thank them enough for the opportunities they are giving me!

So far I am staying on top of wedding planning while working. We will see how long it last! Visit our wedding site if you get a chance!

Can't wait to keep you all in the loop about my wedding planning! It's going to be a Southern Barn Wedding and I can't wait!!


  1. Great choice with Po Boy Factory. Definitely a favorite of mine here!

  2. Yay!!! I'm updated AND have a wedding website to follow!! You've been a buy lady, LEP! So happy for you! :)