Sep 13, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True!!

This weekend one of my dreams came true. I got to watch JOE PATERNO walk the sidelines and coach in Bryant Denny Stadium. The dream was to see Joe Pa all the rest was an added bonus. I had been thinking about things that I would love to do and already have done. Even more importantly I have been thinking WHAT WILL PEOPLE REMEMBER ME FOR?

So I have decided to make a combined list of things I want to do and things already accomplished. I am also going to check off-put a star by the things that I have already been blessed to do. One day I hope to look back on this and see that I really did help change peoples lives for the better.

1. Personally lead someone through the prayer of Salvation *
2. Go on a Mission Trip
3. Visit every SEC football stadium (hopefully watch a game at all)
*Bryant Denny Stadium (of course)
*Jordan Hare Stadium
*Common Wealth Stadium (just seen it)
*Vaught-Hemingway Stadium
*Davis Wade Stadium
*Neyland Stadium (Hope I NEVER EVER have to go back...horrible is not the word)
That is all I can think of right now..

5. Go to a National Championship***** Ahhhh we won and I was there ROLL TIDE
6. Go to a Super Bowl
7. Give a scholarship to someone from Patrician Academy every year to attend Alabama
8. Change a troubled teen or college girls view on life and how they see it
9. Be A Role Model for someone
10. See a football legend play (Brett Farve)*
11. Have a husband who loves the Lord far more than he does me!
12. Be a Mom
13. Still go to BAMA games with Paige, Abby, and Amy when we are 50
14. Visit Chicago
15. Work for The University of Alabama
16. Meet Tim Tebow (I don't care if he went to Florida) *
17. Change the world one smile at a time.
18. Spread the love of Jesus Christ by simply loving on people.
19. Make my mamma and daddy proud.
20. Adopt a baby from Russia (or a troubled child in general)
21. Help find a cure for Autism
22. Get Jesus back in out schools because not all children have an opportunity to go to Church and they need to hear about HIM from their leaders
23. Be proposed to somehow with an ALABAMA flare. ROLL TIDE
24. Believe in a child lke Melynda Cowan believed in me!
25. Stay as involved in my community as possible no matter where I end up.
26. Serve the Lord until the day I die no matter how hard life may be.

There are many more and I am sure I have left out something. However, this is a start for me. A list that I hope to check off.