Jul 27, 2009

Summer of Love ...Going Out With A Bang

Monday ...the last Monday of my summer internship. By far it has been a typical Monday and not because anything went wrong at the office. Work has been amazing. However, anything else that could have gone wrong went wrong.

My boss came in and handed me Shane and Shane "Psalms" album and said this always does it for me on a bad day. She was right it did the trick. One chord of "You Said" and I felt much better. Not only were their voices soothing but the words once again reassured me that GOD is always right there no matter how many things go wrong.

I also got a big cup of sweet tea and a heath bar cookie from McAlisters ...So enough about the bad day, I'm moving on from that as I eat and drink haha.

I am so sad to know that this is my very last week at The Nashville Country Club. I have loved every single minute of it even the minutes where I was running around Nashville sweating to death. If you are a close friend you know I hate to sweat, but even in those moments I was happy here. I love Nashville more than I ever dreamed I would. I knew I loved it before I got here and now it for sure has a piece of my heart. I will look back on this summer for the rest of my life that is for sure. As the days continue to go by and my week comes to a close I will for sure be keeping you updated.

Now I am about to leave work head to TJ MAXX for a little stress relief and look for some things to decorate with. Byrd would say that store is no form of stress relief however, I love it!!!

I'm sure I will write more tonight just because I have so much on my mind today.


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