Dec 23, 2009

So I admit...It has been way to long since I last updated LivingLikeLaLa. My roommate has instructed me that I must update I am!

Great news from Butler .....It is official that the University of Alabama has decided it was time for me to be finished with math. So yes we can all celebrate together!!! Whooo Hoooo it's OVER! Now just one more semester and I am finished with college.

The most exciting news for me this Christmas besides of course the birth of our Lord and Saviour is I am going to Pasadena with my dad and 3 of my closest friends. We have everything booked from the hotel to the SUV to the parking pass for the game. I absolutely can't believe I am so blessed and am getting to experience this once in a lifetime event. I really don't think it has hit me yet that I am going. So I am not only going to see the love of my life ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP but I am getting to see them play my second favorite team the Texas Longhorns. How crazy is that ....the one time that I get to go to something so big it is for two teams that I like. Let me go ahead and clear the air...I do not like Texas right now or until this game is over. Depending upon the winner of this game I may not ever like them again.

With the news that I was going to California I thought it only fair that I help my dad out with the cost of everything. So I have been working the past couple of days babysitting, wrapping presents, and working at the Pharmacy.....wait am I in high school again!!! No it is so nice to be able to come home and help people but make money while doing it. I can't wait to get paid and even more exciting news all of my Christmas is paid for so I can use the money for whatever I would like in Cali!

Tomorrow it Christmas Eve....can you believe that....Christmas Eve. Time flies so fast. Well tomorrow I will go to my Granny's house and celebrate the birth of CHRIST with the Powell family. It is always nice to see everyone and play a little dirty Santa. I am really excited about my gift this year....its going to trick them for sure!! My Meme is also in town visiting with us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my precious MeMe. She is a hoot and just tells it like it is. I know she wont be with me forever but I sure do enjoy having her around.

I will try to do a little better and especially update while I am in Cali!