Feb 5, 2013

Wedding Showers Bring May Flowers

My amazing bridesmaids hosted our first wedding shower this past Saturday! I was so excited but nervous at the same time. I was so scared no one was going to show up....not really sure why but for some reason it was a concern. Good news....people did show up!!

I am having a southern barn wedding. The girls took this idea and incorporated it into a shower. They used burlap, logs, and southern style foods! It was ADORABLE!!! When you walked in they had a sign in table set up with two baskets that I had registered for to hold the gift cards and favors (most amazing cookies ever).I thought that was a cute touch that also went along with the southern theme.

We invited both guys and girls so that it would be a fun event for all of our friends! We really enjoyed getting to see our friends and catch up. It was nice to be home for a weekend.

Well glad to know Ryan made it in a couple of pictures! You can tell who loves the pictures in our relationship. We did not get pictures with some people because I was talking and forgot. I am so glad someone brought it to my attention that I was not getting pictures. You know what ...of all things Ryan and I did not even get a picture together.

We are so blessed to have great friends and family. We were loaded up with gift cards and presents and we could not be more thankful. BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED is all I can say. Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for us.

I thought long and hard as to what gift we should give the hostesses for this shower. I have always been told you give a gift based on the theme of the shower. Well I did not want us to give them just a gift card so I came up with an overflowing cup. Psalm 23 talks about a cup overflowing with blessings and that is what I feel our life is like. So we stuffed cute coffee mugs full of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soup. We also included a gift card inside the cup. I think it turned out really cute and it really was from the heart.

As I mentioned earlier Landi came into town from Texas for the weekend. I was so excited to see her. It was so nice to be able to catch up and just see her precious smiling face. On Sunday before she flew out we met and had breakfast. Before we left she told us she had something for us. I can't wait to share with you the most thoughtful items that Landi gave us.

First a hanger made for my wedding dress so that I can have pretty pictures of it hanging.

Then she had forks engraved with our wedding date with "I Do" and "Me Too" for us to eat our cake with!!! I LOVE THEM so MUCH.

I love sentimental gifts and will cherish these forever.

I will remember this time in my life forever.


  1. You know I LOVE the hanger!! Pictures pictures lol :) what a great wedding shower for two great people!!

  2. Such an awesome idea with the forks! Precious shower! So glad we could come!