Feb 28, 2013


I am currently in Oxford, MS home of Ole Miss! I am loving my time here and the simple southern lifestyle that they live. I am of course here for work and it has been great. I love being able to come in and call a new town my own for a week. I have walked the sidewalks of Ole Miss, marketed in the Union, and talked with Admissions offices all over campus. I felt like a student again. Thank Goodness I am not but it was a very fun and productive week.

I got sick on the Monday I arrived here. I knew I was feeling funny and on Tuesday I felt like an 18 wheeler had hit me. I went to CVS explained to the Pharmacist my symptoms and let her know I am not from here. She helped me get some meds. I don't know if we picked the wrong thing or if I was just to late. I felt horrible the last two days. I slep in sweats one night and shivered the entire night. Anyone that knows me knows I hate being hot so I was way sick. Today however I am feeling much better but my throat is still hurting a little bit. Let's just say my sniffles are driving me crazy and I hope they go away fast.

As soon as I get back to town, I will be heading to Alexander City. We are having our second shower at Ryan's Church. I am really excited about it but nervous because I really don't know anyone. Thank goodness Ryan's mom will be there to introduce me to everyone and my mom will be there as someone I know. I can't wait to share all the pictures from the event after Sunday.

Next week I am off to Fayetteville Arkansas! I have never been and I could not be more excited. Once again this is a work trip but I am looking forward to it. I love going and helping the teams at all the sites. Once again the bonding time and the idea sharing is what it's all about.

I may be gone a lot with my job but at the end of the day I would not love anything as much as I love what I do. To me loving what you do is far more important that a huge paycheck. Yes, money is nice but being happy is what means the most. Seeing results and the lightbulbs go off brings the biggest smile to my face.

Stay tuned early next week for shower pics and pics from this trip!!


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