Feb 3, 2013

Florida State Visit

As many of you faithful readers know I just got back from Tallahassee for work. It was a good trip but somewhat stressful. I love being able to see all of these amazing places where our company is expanding. However, I am traveling to work not just enjoy a vacation. While there I go and "shop" the comps (check out our competition), then I make trips to the University to see good places to market, also I get a feel for the market and what works/doesn't work here, last I give tips and suggestions for what I believe will help bring in the leases.

The past few days have brought back so many memories of being at the Retreat as a Leasing Manager. We have been so busy I have been able to help answer phones and give tours while I have been here. That is the job that got me to where I am today. I remember the crazy days of running around signing leases, 15 phones ringing at the same time, giving tour after tour to seal the deal, bar nights, trivia nights, etc. It's crazy to think that I was doing that just a few short months ago.

The tress at Florida and Florida State are to die for. I love mossy trees!! So Southern

Another thing I have reminisced about are the fun times that you have with a staff mixed of college students and adults. It is great to see students get their first job and be successful at it. It is so exciting to see someone get a lease that they worked so hard for. Most of all it is a great feeling knowing you have a staff looking up to you even though they pretend they are hardball's and they know it all.

 I would be so skinny if I went to school here. It is a long walk no matter where you want to go on campus. However, they do make the Legacy Walk pretty nice so that the walk is not that bad!
Beautiful monuments in the middle of campus. I was working at this time so I just had to snap the picture and go. So I don't really have all the details about this.
The Florida State Student Union. Not really nice on the outside but it had a bowling ally inside, lots of really nice food chains, and a neat area to sit outside and enjoy your lunch!

I loved getting a taste of Leasing again at a new start! It was such a great trip! Florida State University is a beautiful campus. I had a blast out Marketing to the college students. I for once was ready for a trip to be cut short....only because I knew what the weekend had in store!

I left after purchasing this........Let's just say my opinion has changed of Florida State!

Next up will be all of the fun that I had at our FIRST WEDDING SHOWER this weekend!!!!!

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