Jan 3, 2013

Weight Loss Journey to Becoming one Hott Bride!

So many of you that are close friends know that last year I started trying to eat a little healthier. I am still trying to do so for the most part but with traveling it is really really hard sometimes. However, unlike last year I now have a May wedding that I need to look good for as my current motivation! I have decided that I need to make my journey public so that hopefully this will be a form of accountability. Being in Atlanta for a short amount a time, I have not made that many friends. My friends back home can't really say stop eating that or go workout..heck if it were up to my friend Keli she would say come on lets get some more Wings and Pizza! She can handle a few extra wings and a slice of pizza ...I can't! So for the most part this is a journey that I am going to have to take on my own. My thought process is if I have to give a report to the world about my progress weekly then surely I will do my best! I am going to list some useful tools that I will be using along the way.


An APP called  "My Fitness Pal". If you have never used this APP you need to give it a try. It is amazing. When you first sign up you put in your current weight and how much you would like to lose.  It will generate a healthy amount you can lose each week based on your current height and weight. Then you are told how many calories you can have during a day. It helps you keep a daily tracker of how many calories you eat. All you do is type in Poptart for example and it pulls up every Poptart they make. You select the one you had and how many of them. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT! You keep up with nothing but what you ate! It will also keep up with how many glasses of water you had and how much exercise you did that day. If you did enough exercise to alter the number of calories you need to be eating it will change it automaticly. LOVE LOVE LOVE this APP ...I can't say that enough! It looks something like what you see below.


My friend Lauren is also dieting. She does not need to lose any weight as she has already done an amazing job of losing and keeping off. She has an amazing blog about her new life as a wife. You can check it out here. On her blog she has shared a printable version of a weight loss chart she is using to help her reach her goal! I will also be using this as a VISUAL for my hard work and
accomplishments. I feel it is very important that
we get to see progress even if we don't see it in the
mirror! So needless to say I will have one in my
office and at my house! Make sure to go and print
off the Chart! It's super cute!


I also had to come up with a plan that would allow me to be able to exercise while traveling. If any of your travel you know this is not easy to do. So I have purchased a dvd called "Walk Away the Pounds".

This DVD is made for you to use from the comfort of your living room! With that being said I am going to play it on my computer in my hotel room as well! This was also a suggestion from Lauren. She has used it and had success with it!


So Lauren has a twin sister Lindsay...I also asked her for tips!! She suggested I read a book by Diane Kress. I have not purchased this yet but have plans on doing so. We shall see if I can be successful in any of these areas!! She highly recommends this bbok so I am sure it will be great!

I know this tip works because I have used it before. The main thing I am going to do to become a HOTT BRIDE is drink lots and lots of water. I asked a Doctor one time why did you lose more weight when you drank water over diet drinks that have 0 calories as well? He said that the more water you drink the more food it breaks down. He said soft drinks are not filling and the caffine in them actually makes you hungry. I dont know if that is factual information but it works! I drink 96 ounces a day. Yes, As a mater of fact I do live in the restroom but hey its taking off those lbs!
Goal for the week is 3 pounds! I will update you next week on how I do!
Do any of you have any good tips for getting in shape the right way??

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out on the blog! You are too sweet! I empathize with this running to the bathroom business...my bladder is the size of a nickel and all this water has me making frequent potty breaks! :) So glad I have a friend to encourage me and keep me accountable through my dieting struggles! Love you!