Jan 4, 2013

Our First Wedding Gifts

I have eating healthy under control for now. Not saying that this is going to be easy because its already been a strugle in my mind thus far.  As of right now my head is hurting so bad that I would like to already cheat on day two. However, I am determined to do this so that I am looking good on May 25th ! After yesterday's blog a reader got in touch with me on Facebook. She asked if I would be interested in starting a group with her that was a support group type of thing. I was all about it because I believe many of us give up because we don't have the proper encouragement. Within 24 hours we already have 75 members!!! I think this is going to be amazing and I cant wait to use this as a great support system throughout my journey.

On to the topic now that I got all of that off my chest.

My close friends and family would tell you in a heartbeat that I am not the most domestic person you will ever meet. As a matter of fact the stove really could be a secret hiding place for anyone trying to keep something from me. I think I might enjoy making a meal every now and then if I had the tools to do so. I'm always missing a pan, lots of ingredents, and until recently a can opener! Which leads to why I am so excited to write this entry. I want to share all the "First Wedding Presents" that Ryan and I got for Christmas! I can't wait to put them into good use to cook healthy food!!

We had registered back in December simply because it was one of the only times that we could actually have enough time to take care of things. With out schedules we have to do things the second we get the opportunity. So when people started asking what we wanted for Christmas I had the perfect answer this year...something off of our registry.

I am probably most excited about the can opener!!!! Mine recently broke and I never realized how important they are to have around. I am sure that sooner than later this little beauty will be used.

This gift is where learning to cook something beside TV Dinners will come in handy! My friend Abby gave us a 6 piece bakeware set. I am most excited about hopefully learning how to cook meatloaf and cakes. I love meatloaf and Ryan loves Cake !!!!

Ryan registered for 2 things that he really wanted. Well guess what ...he got them both at Christmas. This particular item I just so happened to get "stored" at my house! Grilled chicken will soon be made from the new Jumbo George!

There is one gift that unless I am living in New York that I will never touch. That's ok because it is Ryan's gift. I am one of the most hot natured individuals that exist. Ryan however, stays cold all the time. I believe the inventor of the TOWEL WARMER made this just for Ryan. I am so happy that his little buns will be warm coming out of the sizzling hot shower.

Last but not least we got new sheets from the Cowan's. Before I met Ryan I had made up my mind when they day came to get married I would not need to register but for 1 set of sheets. My mom has so many on reserve I thought I would take those off her hands and put them to use. Well then the Lord brought me Ryan...the man who washes sheets almost every other day. It's 100% out of control. Needless to say I have now registered for 4 sets of sheets so that they wont get holes in them not from being used but from being washed so much. Gotta Love Him

Day by Day before May I will learn to be a little more domestic. The good news is He wants me now so I'm sure he will want me even more then!! So thankful for being Blessed with an amazing man, and wonderful gifts to start our life with!


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  2. Thanks you so much! I'm about to go answer my questions!!

  3. Very interesting wedding gifts ideas here. :D Keep up the good writing dear author!