Jan 2, 2013

Superstitious...Maybe, Maybe Not

For years now I have loved keeping my nails painted. I have helped keep OPI / Essie in business on a weekly basis! Some of my best girlfriends from college are the same way. We all swap colors and stay current with the latest trends (for the most part.) A few years ago we realized that we all changed our weekly nail color before each Alabama game. We decided that this MUST be the key to BAMA's success (not Nick Saban. Hard Work by the boys, or anything else football related.) Yes I just told you the secret to BAMA winning so much...NAIL POLISH! Call us superstitious if you want but we really know it works! During one game we started losing and Amy decided it was time for a color change. What do you know the game turned around and we won. It is always the games where there is not an extra bottle of polish laying around that we end up losing. On Monday, January 7th BAMA will play for #15!! To say I am excited is an understatement. You better believe Amy took care of us and gave us our "National Championship" color for Christmas. I have painted my nails tonight in preperation for the BIG GAME! She chose the perfect shade of red that also has the perfect South Beach name... "Jag-u-Are"!! I am now Bama ready and will be decked out in all of my gear on Monday. WIN or Lose Bama has a huge place in my heart.


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  1. Love it!!!! OPI holds a special place in my heart as well haha.