Dec 20, 2012

Terrific Thursday's

I am going to start a new Thursday tradition ...TERRIFIC THURSDAY'S! I will post my can't live without items/things for the week. There are so many things that I use on a day-today basis that I could post however, some weeks there are certain items that stick out more than others. One thing that drives me crazy is when I tell someone I like something they have and they won't share the vital information of where they got it. So no worries, I will be spilling the beans! Why would I not want you to try something out that I think it AMAZING??

Here we go for the first ever Terrific Thursday post:

 I have had a cold for the past week. My lips have been severly suffering because of this lovely cold. Without Cherry Chapstick my lips would look like a reptile. Literally can be found anywhere you it should be an easy to get item!

Also due to having a cold I have been in the bed A LOT. Without this handy dandy game of Bingo Blingo on my iPhone I would have been even more bored than I already was. PS. this is also a good time consumer when you have hours of time in an airport (Trust me)!

I have recently become obsessed with Scentsy products. I am very sensetive to smells and have a hard time finding anything that will not give me a headache. It was a process trying to find the right scents don't get me wrong, but they have so many choices it was easy to find some that work for me. It is so nice to have a nice smelling house and me not be sick at the same time! I can also give you some reps names if you would like. They will ship it directly to your front door no matter where they live!

Ok Ok...I know I have listed two lip items but if you know anything about me you know that I love having my lips on. This product was introduced to me by a co-worker. Tarte Lip Stain. Don't let the Lip Stain part stop me you will miss out on some goodness. I as I said like to have my lips on at all times. With the Tarte Lip Stain you can put in on first thing in the morning, let it sit for a few minutes, and then you have georgous color for most of the day. The colors are beautiful and the best news is they have a hint of mint in them to make your breath smell fresh as you are talking! Smart thinking Tarte! My store of choice is because every purchase you make you earn rewards points. These reward points in turn will earn you an item for free!

As most of my friends know I like my nails to be painted. Most of the time I do them myself because that is money that I can save. My nail polish collection is very large and ranges in brands. However, my favorite brands are OPI, China Glaze, and Essie. Today I am wearing China Glaze, Hey Sailor. It is the perfect shade of red for Christmas ...what am I talking about red is always the perfect shade anytime! I did however, paint them red for Christmas! I also purchased this at Once again those rewards points get me. It may not be much that you get for free but at least it is something!

Hope you all venture out and try a new item/thing that you may not have before. Sometimes we just need to hear that it was great for someone else to try it. I am really excited about Christmas and spending time with my family and friends. I have not been home since Thanksgiving and it was so crazy then I did not get to see everyone. I will be finishing up the final items on the list this afternoon and then it will be stress free!

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