Dec 27, 2012

Terrific Thursday

Today is the 2nd post for Terrific Thursday!! It's funny to me how from week to week the things we are using the most change. Yes I am still using many of the items I posted last week however, I am in major need of some of the items from today. With that being said let me get started with the goodies that I am in LOVE with this week!

It's Winter and my skin is so dry. My hands literally hurt sometimes they get so dry. I have found some amazing hand cream that solves that problem. My friend Paige told me about it so I had to give it a try. "HANDS OF HOPE" by Philosophy is AMAZING! It is a little pricy however, a little goes a long way! I also hate greesy lotion that makes it hard to write or gets all over everything. This lotion does not do that. I purchased this at but you can also find it at and at

A few weeks ago and I had a stomach virus. Ever since then my stomach has been very sensetive to what I eat and drink. Really sensetive to what I drink. I usually drink Diet Coke like it is going to stop being sold tomorrow. Well since I was sick my stomach has almost said no to Diet Coke :( I can have one every once in a while. My new drink of choice is SPRITE...something I used to NEVER put in my mouth. Until something changes SPRITE will be my best friend.

As many of you know from reading the Blog I am getting married in May. I want to soak up as much knowledge about marriage as I possibly can. I know that nothing will take the place of the 1st hand experience but sometimes books can give us information that we never thought of before. I recently bought a book by Gary Chapman called "Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married." This book has been eye opening. Yes, some things I already knew but at the end of each chapter it gives you questions and exercses to do as a couple. Some of the questions are really hard and bring skeltons out of the closet. I am still not finished with it but from what I have read so far I would encourage anyone to read it.

Flats Flats Flats. I travel a lot with my job. It would be an absolute sight for all to see if I was running through an airport in heels. Better yet I would have some sort of hospital bill. I have noticed when flying a lot that my feet will swell. I have no clue if this is normal or not but without my flats I would have to go barefooted. I have a wider foot so sometimes flats put pressure in all of the worng places. I have 2 pairs that really are wonderful in every sense of the word. Lucky Flats and Tori Burch Flats. These are the exact 2 pairs that I have. I got the Lucky ones at Off 5th the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store. They still have them as of the last time I went in there. They cost me about $30! They also have them at The Tori Burch Flats were not a deal as far as price but they are super comfortable. I got them from Saks but they can also be purchased from

My most recent purchase is the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallette. I am not much into wild colors for my eyeshadow color. So if you are like me then this pallette is perfect because it is the nutrals. I of course got it at I am telling yall any points I can get to get a reward Im sold! With Ulta I get rewards for buying things that I need anyway!

Hope someone out there finds something that will become there new favorite item! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! I know I sure did!

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