Jul 14, 2010

Matters of the Heart

As I mentioned in the last blog I am part of an amazing small group that meets once a week. Well tonight was the night and it was great! My eyes are opened more and more as the weeks go by as to how BLESSED I am to be a part of such an amazing group of women. Being able to pour into each other's lives is such a great feeling. Leaving the ladies tonight my heart was just aching for some of the situations we are all going through. I will never mention the situations but my heart is just hurting for some of these women.

More than anything this group has helped me realize that we need to look at our brothers and sisters in Christ and encourage them. We sometimes just assume everything is going great for everyone. Just because we have on a happy face does not mean that our lives are happy. We need to take time to check on one another and show each other love. Just because we go to Church together does not mean that everything is perfect. PRAYER is the key. God works in mysterious ways and we never know what our prayers could be doing for the people around us.

I also have another situation going on around me that I am really not sure how to handle. This is a FIRST for me because I usually have some sort of a plan for everything. Even if I don't have a plan I can always come up with some words to say. Well right now I have nothing. I have some guys that I KNOW without a doubt God brought into my life through my job. This is one of the many reason that I KNOW God placed me where he did. He knew that he could use me in any area where I can talk to people. Back to the story.....these young men won me over from the start and I knew a great friendship was in the making. Through getting to know them I have found our some things that are very disturbing to me. I obviously told them what I thought about the issue...you all know that, that is how I am. I don't want to push them away but at the same time I am HEARTBROKEN over some of the issues and I feel they need to be addressed.

The whole thing shows me just how much we INFLUENCE others. It makes me think about all the people God has placed in my life and if I did what I was supposed to, to influence them in the best way possible. We are held accountable for those that come in and out of our lives. That is CRAZY when you think about it that God depends on us that much! Just be praying that God guide me in helping these young men find their way back to HIM. Let them be seeing the Lord through me in some way, shape, or form, and not in a way that pushes them away.

I have work in the morning so I need to be going. I also have PINK EYE...pray for that too!

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