Aug 6, 2009

Walls Will Crumble


I think we go through life knowing that we all have problems that take place in our lives. However, I don't believe that we take a lot of time to think about what happens years later to a person because of that problem they dealt with. More times than not I tell myself other people have it worse than me so just let my problems go.

Here lately I have realized that so many times the decisions our parents make, friends make, and we make have a HUGE influence on our lives. I am completely smitten with a man who has my heart. I love nothing more than talking to him, listening to him, being there for him, and seeing him. As we continue to grow as friends, I see things that happened in his life that have scarred him. It breaks my heart to see the damage that has been done to him by choices OTHER people made. Seeing how bad it hurts him, hurts me.

I feel like he has up a wall that will crumble ONE DAY. My only question is how long will I be able to hang in there until the wall crumbles. He tries to push me away not because he wants to but because he does not want to be hurt again. He truly cares about me but is scared to.

Is it fair to me? NO
Do I enjoy the hurt it brings to me? NO
Is he worth the wait? YES
Will he ever be able to let the pain go away and realize there are good people out there? I pray every night that the answer is YES

I am learning so much about the choices we make. We don't realize how important ONE choice is and how it will hurt or help those around us. I am so thankful to have him in my life and to be able to learn valuable lessons from him without him having a clue. Life is one big lesson that we will never get exactly right however, we can sure keep trying!
I will continue to be strong until the Walls Crumble....because I think he is worth it!


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