Jan 23, 2013

Working on my Fitness

So I mentioned a few weeks ago at the beginning of the month that I was starting to eat better to become a HOTT BRIDE for my Ryan. Well I am happy to report that I am down 10.9 pounds.

I have been working really hard and making exercise a daily part of my life even if it is from my own home. When I am tired or just don't want to work out with a lot of people I do my "Walk away the pounds" DVD. It is great and let me tell you Leslie does not play. I sweat more than if I were laying out in 100 degree weather with no water to cool off with. It sounds easy but it is by far the fastest walking I have ever done. I have worked up to doing 2 miles back to back she does 5. I am going to keep working on it but it will be a while before I can do all 5 and make it out alive!!

I drink enough water a day to supply the Pacific Ocean. I have not had a diet coke in over 2 weeks....MIRACLE. Ryan wanted Mexican this weekend and i only ate about 5 chips...another MIRACLE. Mexican is my FAVORITE food without a doubt. I have been so proud of myself for watching what I eat. I use My Fitness Pal which is a lifesaver when it comes to traveling and dining out.

Next I would like to introduce you to my little friend.....

Worst thing ever meet my friends

Let me tell you stopping working out when I moved to Atlanta was a bad decision. It is so much harder getting back in the swing of things than I ever dreamed. Biggest Loser is one of my all time favorite shows. They always use the "worst thing ever" and shed pounds like crazy. I know they are doing so much more than just this but it is a fast calorie burner. I see the contestants never giving up and just pushing through. That is when the trainers tell them they are really getting their best workout. I usually do the worst thing ever for about 15 minutes and feel like I am dying. Tonight I decided to push myself and try to make it to 30 minutes. I made up in my mind that I was going to do it no matter how bad it hurt. WIth my determination along with a text messaging Fiance who is supportive, I DID IT. My body hates me right now but I DID IT!!! I could not be more proud of myself. It really is mental...the pain is horrible but if you keep pushing you can do it. I am proof of it. Why yes, I will give myself a gold medal tonight!

Friday starts my company Peak Biggest Loser contest. I really really want to win it because their is money involved. More than that it would mean that I worked really hard to accomplish becoming a HOTT BRIDE. I can't wait for it to start so that all of my co-workers and myself can encourage one another to get fit. It's actually fun getting healthy when you have others around you doing the same thing. I will keep you all updated where I stand each Friday on weigh ins.


  1. I love Leslie Sansone...she is my friend too!! I cut the sound down and use my ipod and walk away the pounds. We have started Scale Back Alabama here and on my team is me, Sharon Shepherd, Janice Reynolds and Terri Pope. Our team name is "Baby Got Back No Mo!!!!" makes me laugh everytime I say it. Keep up the good work Sunshine!! You know thats my nickname for you, I have always said you're like a ray of sunshine.

    1. This is Lisa Agee by the way did not mean to put anonymous. Did not want you to think it was a stalker. lol

  2. I love your blog! I am going to be following you and needing LOTS of tips and encouragement even from the ATL for when the baby gets here!! :) WAY TO GO On the 10.9 lbs. You are going to be a super HOTT bride! :)

  3. Thank you both for your sweet comments!! I am so excited I finally have motivation to get healthy!! Can't wait to see how this all goes.