Jan 24, 2013

Furniture that gets better with time

Have you ever bought something that you really really love?? Of course we all do but then we get over it with time.

Well a few years ago when I got my second promotion(the first one with a true sign of financial growth) I decided I wanted new bedroom furniture. I was still using the furniture that I had when I was growing up. I love it and I want to keep it but I wanted something grown up, something that was up to date, and something that fit me. I talked with my dad and asked him to help me purchase it and I would pay him back with each paycheck. He agreed to do so and we went on the hunt.

I decided to go with a set from Pier One. The headboard is light blue and fabric covered. It also has a bench that matches the headboard that I sit at the foot of the bed. The nightstands as well as the dresser are mirrored. It is so me and beautiful!!! The other day I was cleaning my room after a trip for work. I looked at my dresser and thought I am so proud that I bought this for myself. Even more than that I fell in love with it all over again.

This furniture will forever be a reminder of my second promotion, my responsibility as an adult with managing money,  and my first large purchase of value!

Take a peek at why I am so proud!! Yes, Ryan and I will be a football family so the football is from our engagement pics...I had to keep it.

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