Jan 13, 2013

Busy Bee

If you follow along with my day to day life you know that on Friday I came home from a week of work in Gainesville. Tomorrow morning I leave for Orlando for the week. Beyond working, I am trying to also plan a wedding. Let's just say any down time that I have is spent doing anything i can to towards my wedding. When I got home Friday I was excited to see that my 2nd set of Save the Dates had arrived.

My life as of lately...My Suitcase!

Let me explain. I have been doing anything that I can to save money when it come to my wedding. I went to college for Advertising and Human Development. I'm pretty creative so I decided to make my own Save the Dates and have them printed through Vista Print. When I got my proof I loved them. I printed them out to make sure they would look good printed and they did! I was so happy that I got them done for super cheap and exactly what I wanted. When I received them it was a different story. They were extremely blurry. So blurry that you could not see the date that we were getting married. I decided I did not have the money to re-do them I was just going to have to send them as is or not send them at all. Inside the box they had a card that said if you are not 100% satisfied call us. I decided to give it a try. They were very nice and after an hour on the phone they completely redid my Save the Dates. The only problem it was not exactly how I had designed it but I guess close enough. Whatever, they re-did them for free!!

SInce my arrival home I have been cleaning, 4 loads of laundry, taking out trash, addresses envelopes, and trying to get my actual wedding invitations ordered. That will be taken care of at some point this wee.k. I am realizing that it is getting closer and closer to my wedding date. The more I look at what I need to do the more I realize I am going to be an even busier bee than I already am. It's ok this will be the one and only time in my life that this event takes place. I don't mind working hard for something that means so much.

All the envelopes I addressed today.

Speaking of something that means so much...my better half! He has a really important day ahead of him tomorrow. I ask that you please say a prayer that God opens doors if it is the right door that needs to be opened! I will update everyone later about what is going on but at the moment I can't really disclose any information.

I think we're pretty cute together :) Gotta head to bed I have a early flight in the AM.


  1. Love you! You know anything that can be done here I am just a phone call away :) Enjoy Orlando and The Wonderful World of Disney!!

  2. I will say a prayer for him. Safe travels this week!!

  3. have a safe flight and hopfully youll get some time to enjoy the beautiful surrounding ;) kisses from Las Vegas!!