Jan 12, 2013

Don't give up

So this morning when I weighed in I had only lost 4 ounces. Yes, you read that right 4 ounces. I was so discouraged. I instantly texted Ryan letting him know I was not happy. I had to tell myself "DO NOT GIVE UP, you did amazing all week no matter what the scale says, keep doing what you are doing and maybe you will start seeing results." I am the type of person who needs instant gratification when it comes to diets to be able to stick with it. Then again I did not gain weight in a day so I am not going to lose it in a day. I remembered a little later on that I forgot to get my body measurements for the week. Thank goodness I remembered because I got a little bit of hope. I have lost at least an inch in all areas some areas of my body even more!!!

I am now more determined to work out more, keep drinking my water, and continue eating healthy. I want to see the number on the scale drop, drop, drop. I have got to become ONE HOTT BRIDE.....no excuses! My goal is 10 pounds a month until my wedding. I do not think that goal is out of reach. I still have 3 weeks left in the month of January to hit that goal. I am hoping this week I drop a little more than 4 ounces. The good news is the number on the scale did not grow so that is always a plus!

Funny thing when you are trying to diet everything comes your way. I just got the call today that our cake tasting is next Sunday! Looks like I will have to do super amazing until Sunday!!! Can't wait to let you all know what flavors we decide on!!! I love this part of wedding planning...to bad my diet does not feel the same way!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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