Dec 19, 2012

Time to think

As I have mentioned in previous post I took a new job in October with PEAK Campus. To say I LOVE it is an understatement. I have amazing people surrounding me on a daily basis. It is so nice to love going to work, feel encouraged, and know that people are proud that you are on their team! With my job comes a lot of travel. Traveling is fine with me minus the being worn out when you get home. In two and a half months I have already been to 6 different states! I realized on my flight the other day back from Baton Rouge that this is the time that I am always asking for.....TIME TO THINK! I always dread long flights because I feel like there is nothing to do. I watch movies, read books, magazines, anything to make the time go by quicker. As I was sitting looking out the window I realized even more how awesome our CREATOR is.

View from my window when I got all of these amazing reminders!

I know God is awesome and I never doubt HIS love for me and what all he is capable of. However, when looking down at the world below me, I can;t help but me amazed. Only MY GOD could have created this amazing place and all of its wonders. I now know what I need to not waste my time on and that is spending time with HIM on these flights. I am going to make it a point on my flights to spend some time with HIM. I am always saying I need more time for this, that, and everything in between. I got a big slap in the face that said HE needs more time with me. I need to MAKE time for HIM, Praise HIM, shower HIM with love, and most of all continue building my relationship with HIM. Sometimes we need to step back and realize this world is not about us it's about HIM. Thank you Jesus for reminding me that you love me and want more of me!

As I said I was in Baton Rouge for work. You all also know I am a die hard BAMA fan so being in Tiger country is not my idea of fun haha! Just kidding I had a blast and was able to get a lot done!

Love my Chrissy Cooke!! She is my Regional, my Mentor, and an amazing encourager!

Tiger Stadium ....Where BAMA breaks all the hearts!

 Being from the south you have to make good chicken fingers....these were great!
My favorite thing from LA, Pralines !!

Our New property University Edge's Temporary Leasing Office in Baton Rouge

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