Jan 12, 2012


As all of you know I am a DIE HARD BAMA fan!! I am so happy and proud to say that we now officially have #14!! I was in complete shock the day I found out we were even getting the chance to play in the National Championship. Each and every situation had to work out perfectly in order for us to go. IT DID!!!! I am so happy for each and every member of the ALABAMA FOOTBALL team. They are proof that hard work and believing in yourself gets you far in life. I won't go on and on forever you get the point. ROLL TIDE!!

Its been a few days since I posted. This is the time of year that leasing picks up in a college town. That is good news to me but also it lets me know that my life is about to be gone for the next few months. I am determined to not get so busy this year that I forget to blog or don't make time for it.

This weekend is my Byrd's Birthday so this blog is dedicated to her!! I never dreamed that 9 years ago I would make one of the BEST FRIENDS the Lord could ever give me. I walked into Harris Hall as a freshman at Alabama lost as a Butler girl could be. I sure have been blessed since the day I met you. We have made so many memories together that are irreplaceable. I hope to one day have children playing together, still be attending BAMA games when we are 90, telling inside jokes that no one else understands, still be eating sweets for a meal, and remain best friends forever! You are the BEST and I could not make it without you! What I'm really hoping is that you will still come visit me and do my dishes even when we get old and married !!! I hope you have the HAPPIEST 26th Birthday ever!

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