Feb 13, 2010

A Night To Remember...No This is Not A Cheesy Prom Title

What starts with SNOW must end with VOMIT!!!



So a night for the ages happened just yesterday!! Number one I can’t believe I am sharing this story however, it is too good to not give everyone a laugh. For the past few days I have been thinking I was coming down with the stomach virus. All the kids at Walker have been getting it so I knew it was my turn. Even though my stomach has been hurting I just keep on going with life. Amy and I decided to go to the gym meet last night against Florida…ROLL TIDE we WON!! Afterwards we were starving so we went looking for food at 10pm. We tried the new Moe’s BBQ but they were no longer serving food so we then tried Chucks only to end up at Depalma’s. Our food was wonderful and we had a grandmother moment when we enjoyed a cup of coffee after our meal. We are now on our drive home and I looked at Amy and told her I did not know if I could make it home that the stomach was feeling very uneasy. She said do we need to stop I said no I can make it to the house. Keep in mind I’m driving. We are about 2 miles from our house when I said Amy I hate to do this but I have got to …and I can’t believe I am telling this to all of America..toot. Yes I said it and Yes I did it. Well she has a sensitive stomach to smells so I warned her to get the window down. Before she could get the window down she had to gasp for air and this is where the night begins….VOMIT all down the side of my car. Well I then smell VOMIT so I VOMIT all over my car because I could not get my window down. She then sees me VOMIT and goes round 2. By this time I am less than half a mile from the house both of us covered in VOMIT. I have to pull over 3 times in that half a mile for us to Simultaneously VOMIT because I can’t stand the smell and she can’t see it. It was lovely to say the least.

My mother says to me I don’t know what you and Amy are going to do when the day comes that ya’ll have to separate. I said well Mom I don’t either. Mrs. Laura says I suggest you NEVER tell that story ever again. Well Mrs. Laura I told it no matter how embarrassing it is because these moments are definitely what Best Friends are for!

We cleaned the car this morning in another bonding moment……I love spending time with my Byrd but I hope to NEVER spend it again like this!!

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