Jan 31, 2010

Working on Our Fitness

Three of my friends and I signed up Friday for Scale back Alabama. I am so excited about it because for about a month now I have been trying to eat healthier and work out some. I have not had many cokes at all and you all know how much I HAVE to HAVE my Coke. It makes it so fun when you have friends to workout with and try to reach a goal with. When you sign up for Scale back Alabama you agree to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks if not more. If your entire team reaches their goal you are entered to win some MONEY!! If your team does not reach the goal (which we will) but you reach your personal goal …you can still win MONEY!! I like the sound of that MONEY!!! I can’t wait to keep everyone updated on the status of our weight-loss!

I am trying to plan a trip to Philly for the weekend Spring Break starts so if anyone wants to come let me know it will only be like a 3 day trip!!! I have not spent time with my cousin in a while because he moved there and I can’t just drive there any random day. So with a place to stay and a personal tour guide…if I can get it all planned I can’t wait. Plus while I am there I am going to apply for a few jobs!! Since I am young and free I might as well work in random places while I can. You never know where my HOME away from HOME may be.

I am also going to Nashville at the end of Feb to hang out with my internship Boss. She is amazing and I do love her dearly. I am going to get a little work in with her and to go see the AMAZING CORY BATTEN!!! WHOOO HOOO

I will be featuring a person of the week at some point this week…so get excited!!!!

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