Jan 21, 2010


Let me start by saying that I am on the verge of tears because my ears are starting to hurt when I wear THE cross earrings. I am hoping it is due to the cold air outside but I’m afraid that I have just weighed my ears down with those beauties way to long. Let’s hope not.

Now I want to discuss how stressed out I am over this playoff situation in the NFL. I want so badly to see the SAINTS vs. VICKINGS. However one of my teams must go and I am NOT happy about it. Needless to say I will be pulling for whichever team wins that game. I am also stressed out about school already but that is nothing compared to my stress level for football…as many of you know!

So a friend of mine Heather Millington has one of the most amazing blogs ever. From the moment I met her I knew she was one of the smartest and strongest women of FAITH that I had ever seen. You should take some time to go read her blog because it really will amaze you. She does this thing where she profiles a friend about once a week. Well I like the idea so thanks Heather I want to steal/use it as well. Just like you I have some pretty amazing friends and I think the world should know about them.

So I will start off with Abby….



It’s a crazy story how our friendship developed. Abby and I lived in the same dorm our freshmen year of college. We knew each other but we really never hung out. We always crossed paths because we hung out with the same people just not in the same groups. Well we got tangled up in the TRUSSVILLE crowd, ran into each other, started talking, and that is all she wrote…she has been by my side ever since. Funny thing is this run in did not happen until 2 years after our freshmen year. Crazy to think we had two years that we did not hang out cause it sure does not feel like it.

Abby is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. We balance each other out perfectly. I’m loud, center or attention, sometimes have to be put in my place because I think I already know everything, never meet a stranger, HATE dressing up (on most days). Well ABBY as you all know is ALWAYS dressed to the nines, not the center of attention. ..nor does she want to be, would NEVER run up and talk to a random stranger without their prompting, pretty quiet unless you get her fired up, and last but not least even though she is quiet she will put you in your place when needed. The two things that are identical for us are our love for JESUS CHRIST and ALABAMA FOOTBALL. Oh yeah we are only one day apart in age...thats a fun fact!



Abby loves the Lord with all her heart and truly lives by the Word. She serves her heart out and never asks for anyone to recognize her and most of the time she does stuff that no one ever knows she does. I hope she does not mind me saying this over the internet but the way she trust the Lord in the man department amazes me. One day she will have an amazing man of God that is PERFECT because she has done just as she is supposed to. She is trustworthy and loyal two of the best traits a person can have. I am so thankful to have her in my life!

School and work again tomorrow so I need to go to bed. Going to see Tooth Fairy tomorrow and I can’t wait!!!

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