Aug 19, 2009

When Times Get Tough Let Them Know You Are Tougher!

This week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Not because there is anything going on with me but because there is some stuff going on with someone I care a lot about. My heart has been completely broken knowing that I have a friend going through something and I can't do anything to help the situation. I feel like the whole thing is an answered prayer for me. I have been praying for this person a long time that God just soften their heart and work in them. I know that is an unusual prayer but sometimes we go through things throughout our life and our hearts begin to harden. I truly believe that until our hearts are soft we try to push away the Lord, people who love us, pretty much anything that we don't like. However, when the pieces begin to chip away from out heart we begin to see so much and understand that God would not put us through anything that we can't handle. As a friend I want this person to completely break but it hurts so bad to see it. I know in the end if they just give in to what God has in store for them then their world will forever be changed for the good. Needless to say I have cried more this week than I have in a long long time. I will continue to pray and hope that everything works out how it should.

School started back today. Can I just say I was not liking the fact that after my walk across campus I had sweat in every possible place that it could be. GROSS!! I am finally starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel as far as college goes ...THANK GOODNESS! I have loved my time here at Alabama and will forever love my school but I think my time is coming to an end here. In life we go through different stages and I think this stage is coming to completion!

I am so ready for August 5th the Alabama vs. Viginia Tech football game! Its going to be such a great time with my family, roommate, and friends! Let's just hope for a VICTORY!!!! ROLL TIDE

Ahhh I'm so ready to give Blake his Birthday present...yes Im late but we have not seen each other. I did not do anything to overboard however, what I got him his the PERFECT gift(at least I think so)!!! I'm so ready to see him ...I don't like at all that he is a big boy!!

Until Next Time Pray for my Friend!

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  1. okay, i am praying, but you know i want to know who i am praying for and what is going on. call if you need me.