Aug 22, 2009

Home Will Always Be Home...

So as I have said before this has been a rough one. When I have times like this I feel like I need nothing more than Butler Alabama of all places. There is nothing like the feeling of Home, Mrs. Cowans hugs, Lindsey's voice, and everyone asking you about your life since the last time they saw you even if everytime I have to reply "no mam I have not graduated yet." I know that my future is not in Butler because what I want to do is not an option there....but I can tell you one thing it will always be a place of COMFORT and LOVE for me! Funny thing is I say its not the place for me but if I can't find a job Patrician Academy will be calling my name!! I can hear Mrs Cowan now saying "never say never" I never thought I would be here.

My boss from Nashville and I talked last night! It was wonderful getting to catch up with her on all the latest happenings in Nashville. I Love that place so much and can't wait to go back soon! It is so nice having a boss that still invites me to work with her at the local events. I am actually thinking about going up there in the next couple of weeks to help her. Im so excited!!

September is going to be extremely busy for me. Lindsey has a couple more showers. There is a couples shower on Sept 12th that I can't wait is going to be a blast! Then the next weekend is her Bachlorette Party in Memphis! All her life she has wanted to go to Graceland and as her best friend I remebered that. I wanted to give her the best last weekend as a single woman ever so GRACELAND it is!! Oh yeah I also have a thing called school in the middle of all of this!

May seems so far away but I know its not...crazy to think Im about to be finished. I know one thing I could not afford to stay here much longer because the books are beginning to cost more than my classes!! It is crazy one book alone is 85 dollars. Thank goodness Im not in the medical or finance field those books are way worse.

Well this is a pretty random post but I just have so much going on in my mind right now its crazy. I'm just ready for a new day and a new week and maybe things will be MUCH better!!

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