Jun 18, 2013

One of The Most Important Parts

Last night I did not mention a very important part of my special day. I did this on purpose because she deserves a full page .........plus some.

Meet The Wedding Planner:
Kalyn Hall Randolph
First of all could she be any more adorable?? I think not! Kalyn and I go way back to when we were little kids growing up in the same neighborhood. We also went to school together, were in various organizations together, share a second mother, and most importantly shared a connection over our love for Jesus Christ. Kalyn is one of the most kind hearted women you will ever meet. I learn something new from her each time we talk.
Kalyn was married almost a year ago to the man you see with her Tony. They began dating in high school and throughout most of college. They were separated by Kalyn's family moving to Louisiana. You see this is yet another area I am always getting advice from Kalyn on. Just like she and Tony had a time of "testing" by being states apart, Ryan and I are dealing with the same thing. Ok, so back to the point. When I was thinking of  who I wanted to ask to be my wedding planner only one name came to mind....Kalyn. She had just been married, all the details to her day were perfect, she worked on a budget, and she is super organized.
I know, I know...the PERFECT Wedding Planner/Director

Even when she did not have time due to school she would listen to my hours of rambling every time I called her. No matter how stressed out I was she had the perfect solution to the problem or the perfect words to say. She made time to come to my showers(see above), help me with details, and give me advice on where to get the best deals.
I am known to get "High Tense Mode" as my best friends would say. Most of the time I am happy and carefree but when I get stressed.....I get stressed. I literally hit my breaking point several times during this planning process. I think we as the bride want everything to be perfect and exactly as we have a vision for it. If anything goes astray it causes total crying breakdown haha! I knew that on my wedding day I was going to be "High Tense Mode". Being the type of person I am, I thought I would want to be right in the middle of everything up until I walked down the aisle.
Before the wedding Kalyn and I talked several times about the agenda, what exactly I wanted, and how I wanted it. When she sent me the typed document that she prepared of everything I told her I wanted, I was at complete ease. She LITERALLY took everything I said to heart and made it happen. I knew that from that point forward I had no need of being in the middle of anything. She was going to make sure everyone got to where they were supposed to be on time, the items I wanted her to check on would be checked on, I would make it to my "Paw Paw" on time and we would FINALLY say "I DO" after months of planning!  
From the start of my day to the end she stood by my side making sure I was ok, calm, and not worried about anything. I can't even list the number of times she said "Is everything how you want it?" I will say that if anything went wrong on my wedding day, I never knew it. Everything went perfectly and exactly how I envisioned it.
Kalyn holding my flowers until we got out of my delivery truck!
I must say I have never been so calm in my life. It was a Peace I can't describe. I never got nervous, worried about anything, or stressed. I kept telling myself it was God letting me know I had waited my turn and knew that I had finally found the man he created just for me. I also knew in the back of my mind that Kalyn had typed out the most detailed time line you have ever seen and she would not play if someone got off track!
I don't think I could ever say Thank You enough to someone who can help you stay calm on your wedding day. From the months before,  through today, and I am sure forever I will always value the advice that she has given and gives me. It pays to have Christian friends who always have the perfect way to help you through any and every situation. Though she may be years younger than me, I feel she is far wiser at the whole being a wife thing. I will forever look to her for guidance.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
For being one of the most important parts to my day!
Kalyn, I am truly BLESSED to have you in my life!


  1. well, I know how to train you girls, i'll say that.......

    guess who

  2. LaLa, your mother asked how I would describe you when I first saw you on your wedding day. I told her that you were radiating happiness from the very core of your being. That you seemed to be totally confident and in total control. You were radiant, glowing and just oozing in happiness. When I talked to you in
    Vegas and asked you how you felt your wedding went, you said "Oh
    Daddy, everything was just perfect." I just swelled with joy because because at that moment I realized all the months of hard work was worth every minuet of sweat and toil.
    Love you, Dad

  3. This is such a precious tribute to Sweet Kalyn!