Jul 30, 2010

He Will Never Leave Me Nor Forsake Me

We live in a world where it seems like Perfect is what people expect. Well I am not crazy enough to believe that anyone is perfect nor will I ever be. Even though I know this I am still struggling with letting go of trying to be that way. Don't get me wrong I will always try my hardest to be MY personal best. More than anything I will try to be perfect according to God's way. However, I am currently struggling with the "Why Am I Not Good Enough" syndrome. It ranges from why can't I do this right, why is this not enough, and what am I not doing right? As I have shed some tears over the issue today, I still came up with no answers. I know it is Satan trying to attack and he is using my insecurities to get me. When I got home tonight I turned on my itunes and the first song that played was one that starts out with this line " So I'm Going To Believe HIM When He Tells Me That I'll Never Stop Loving You" There it is my answer....He will ALWAYS LOVE ME...He will always think I am enough, He will always SHOW ME the right way, and he will let me know when I am not doing things the way HE had intended for me to do them. With all this said I am going to pray that Satan stop attacking me with insecurities that MY FATHER has already defeated him and taken away from me. What an AMAZING feeling...He WILL NEVER STOP LOVING ME!!

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