Nov 26, 2009

The Forgotten Holiday

I have many things in my life that I am thankful for. Instead of making a long blog(as Lauren Godwin tells me they are) I will just try to list things that I am so very THANKFUL for. If I forget something or someone please forgive me and know that I love you dearly.

-God's LOVE for me......there are no words that can describe this

-My Parents...I know they give up so much so that I can have this wonderful life. I hope I make them proud one day.

-My Family....we are all scattered in age but I can count on them for ANYTHING

-The Cowan's ..They are my second family. I would not have made it through many days without them. They always make me feel like I am special.

-All of my AMAZING friends...You were all placed into my life for a reason and I thank God that he chose you to put up with me!!

-The University of Alabama....yes I have been here long enough to call it my home but I can't explain the person that UA has helped me become and the confidence I have from attending this great place.

-My Roommate...yes she is a friend but I think she is special enough to have her own personal shout out! Thank you for ALWAYS putting up with my mess and doing the dishes. I would not have any if it were not for you! Love you

-The other 2 not mentioned above you know who you are......Its been a great few years together and I don't want to think about us being "big girls"...the end

-Mrs. Jan Brakefield....for making me feel like I am going to be a difference maker in this world.

-Butler and Patrician Academy for helping me develop into the woman I am today

-Leslie and The Nashville Country Club.....for making my dreams come true with the most amazing internship and for showing me that I can make it in this world in a "big city"

-Blake for giving me hope for the future and for just being him

-Those cute little Pillsbury cookies that Lauren and Leigh Ann introduced to me

-My Precious MEME....I love her more than words can explain. best friend since 1st grade....that says a lot!


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