Sep 9, 2009

I have had so much going on here seems like school work is killing me so far. This weekend was the season opener for Alabama Football. I had a great weekend with my daddy, brother, and little nephew. I also got to hang out with Abby and her family, Paige and Tyler, and many others that drifted by as we talked in the CNN Center. It was a wonderful weekend thanks to the TIDE bringing in that VICTORY!! I am still hoarse and struggling to get my voice back but that is what happens when you LOVE your team as much as I do.

Blake has been wonderful and I love it! Hopefully next week he will be here in Tuscaloosa to see me!!! Ahhhh I cant wait it has been way to long. Nothing like someone who can bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!

Lindsey is almost married ...UNREAL. I cant wait to see her this weekend at the couples BBQ. I love my Bestie so much and I dont know what I would do without her.

On a more serious note....

Tonight I got to catch up with my friend Rob. It has been a long time since I have got to talk to him...but you know tonight was the night I needed to hear from him. Its amazing how timing makes everything right. Well Rob is an amazing Man of God. Everythime I talk to him I am blown away when I hang up. He is so obedient and God rewards him now but those treasures he is getting in Heaven are going to be AMAZING. I love hearing about how God speaks to him and what he does to obey him. So I talked to him about a current situation in my life and asked what he thought. The response was wonderful and he helped me see so many things. I am a person who loves to help others..sometimes to the point that it is not a good thing. I dated a guy for years that most of our relationship was due to the fact that I knew he needed me to get through some issues he was going through. I was fine with being there to help him however, if we get emotionally involved with every person we want to help whether it be friendship or relationship we are more than likely going to be hurt. That was defiantly the case in that relationship I got hurt and I swore I would never do it again.

Here I am today still with the same giving spirit except this time its different. Last time I did it because I knew it was a way of hanging on. This time I'm doing it with no ill intentions. This time is really to show the love of Christ and how he can take a hurt person and make them whole again. However, it has developed into this great relationship that I want to happen so badly but know that right now is not God's timing. So as I talked to Rob about everything and told him the background information he said you are defiantly in this guy's life for a reason. Just don't get overtaken with emotional involvement until you know God has said its time. I refer to my situation a lot like that of Hosea in the Bible. I have known from a young age that I would marry someone troubled. That is exciting to me because I love that God put that on my heart. I love that he KNOWS I am capable of being the woman who is strong enough in HIM to handle anything he sends my way.

I told Rob that I feel God is telling me to hang in there right now with someone who does not have a check mark by every single quality I want in someone just like he told Hosea to marry a prostitute. I know Hosea thought to himself God this must be a joke. Can you imagine God telling you that is what he wanted you to do? I can't. The battle I have been having within myself though is based around the verse that tells us to not associate with people who dont have a relationship with Christ. For us to plant the seed and move on ...thats a summary. I don't feel that is my calling in this situation. I KNOW that I am the only little piece of Jesus this person has seen in a long time. Who am I to say that because he has struggles I should leave him hanging....Im NOT. God does not leave me hanging in times of need so why would we as Christians leave someone else hanging that he has told us to help. I know that God is the only way a person can change.I also know the love a person can show someone can lead them to Jesus. Man that is powerful!

After a long long talk with Rob he said Lara Ellen you know what God has laid on your heart and no matter who gets it and who dosen't you have to obey HIM. He said the burden that you felt laid on you at 12 years old about being with troubled people was not by accident. He then prayed over me and that God continue to revel things to me and what I am to do. There is no feeling like a friend praying for you and believing with you that God is going to break some chains. Tonight when satan was trying to get me down and distract me from my mission God intervened with a little phone call from Rob. He used Rob to show me that in my own way I was obeying the Lord in what I am doing. Nothing like knowing that my Saviour has his hand on every single aspect of my life! Thank you Jesus for testing me and showing me that this is the JOB you want me doing. You knew tonight I needed the confirmation more than ever before and you sent it.

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  1. no funny comments tonight. just want you to know that i love you more than you will ever know. i never knew when i was fussing at you as you walked out room 27 that day threatening to go to sumter that you would become such a beautiful part of my life and my children's life. God has his hand in my life too, and i grateful that hand led you to us. I love you laranellen. you are wonderful. goodnight.