Feb 26, 2012

Into Everything

Here lately as you can tell from my lack of blogging, I have been extremely busy. January, February, and March are three of the busiest months in the property management/student living industry. With that said, there have been many late nights at the office.

I love staying busy but at the same time these are the moments I find myself getting a little stressed, and worn out. I have been trying to keep myself grounded and not get worked up as this is an area I struggle in. These are a few things I have been doing to keep myself as STRESS FREE as possible.

1. Started a new book....and plan to actually finish it! I have been wanting to Read the Five Love Languages for Couples. I have not had time to run to the store to get it but I found The Five Love Languages on Amy's bookshelf so I decided it would do. Nothing better to unwind to at night than a good book. I know if Melynda Cowan(high school English teacher) is reading this right now she is dying. You could not have paid me to read for enjoyment in high school and now I love it! So far it is a great book and I am getting a lot out of it even though I am not married. I will keep you posted on how it turns out.

2.Bought a new face washer. I have never been one to make sure I wash my face each and every night. Living with Amy I guess has started to rub off on me. She will wash her face at least twice a day if not more. I know that washing your face is a HUGE deal and any beauty expert would tell me that I am ruining my skin. I watch Good Morning America every morning while I get ready for work. They did a demonstration on all of these different face washers one morning. I LOVED it!! I told Ryan that is what I wanted for Valentine's day ...a face washer. I really thought he could handle that especially since I gave him price limit and told him to just buy it with me once I got there. NOOOOOO he had to go above and beyond. I am in LOVE with my Tory Burch shoes. He did GREAT but he could have gotten out so much cheaper had he just listened to me. I decided I wanted this face washer so bad that I went to buy it the night I realized he was not giving it to me. The store was OUT. I was so sad but decided that weekend it was not meant for me to have it. The minute I got back to Tuscaloosa I went and bought the one I wanted! It is the best thing EVER! I now wash my face every night. I guess all it takes is a cool gadget for me and I'm in!!

This is just one of the ones shown on Good Morning America. I am sure if you visit their website you can find all sorts of neat things! Some are really expensive and some are able to be purchased at Wal-mart or Target!

3. Started Re-Decorating. I decided to add a few new items to my room to freshen it up a bit. This also gets me out of the house to actually look for new items. I found a few things so far at TJ Maxx, Kirklands, and my Dad's Hunting Lodge. I have also taken some things I already had and spruced them up a little bit! Nothing like a little new with a little old! As I make changes or additions to my bedroom I will add pictures.


Took a shutter I bought at the Thrift Store and made it into a jewelry holder!

Some of the new items I purchased!

4.Picked up the WORD of the Lord! So many times I think we push off our time with the Lord when we get caught up in our own life. Well he is the very reason for our existance so we should not push him anywhere. When I start getting stressed or things start going wrong the first thing I ask myself is have I been forgetting the MOST IMPORTANT part of my life. More times than not the answer is yes. So I have made it a point that I will at least read a chapter a night in my Bible. I once heard Shawn Alexander say "if you just read 5 minutes in your Bible a night your relationship will be strengthened. 5 minutes will turn to 10, 10 to 20, etc. Before you know it you are reading for hours and never want to but the Word down."I think this is so true. I have had seasons in my life where I can't put my Bible down, seasons where I would not pick it up, and seasons where I was wishy washy. God knew we would go through seasons in our lives. I think he also knew in every season we need him no matter what we personally think. I know in the seasons where I could not put the WORD down I was instilling HIS words in my heart. This was taking place so in the season where I struggled to pick it up I would always know HIS WORD deep in my heart. It's amazing to know how HE knew every second of our life. HE knows what we go through and knew exactly how to help us through life. I am so THANKFUL to have a relationship with the Lord and only hope I can show people his LOVE each and everyday that I am alive!


This is my Bible! Best Bible I have ever owned and I can understand every word in it!! I HIGHLY recommend it if you are looking for one!

These are just a few things I am doing to stay grounded and STRESS FREE! As you always hear people say "I'm too BLESSED to be STRESSED" !!!

Goodnight All!

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